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Bridge piercing & How small towns deal with piercing.

red that day with a pounding headache. My head hurt but i still looked forward to this new experience, this new piercing, i was having a bridge done. I had always looked at that piercing in awww, some reason it called to me, part of my process on the path to self enlightenment. My piercer, who is also a good friend, had never done a bridge before ,but was willing to experiment with my sexy flesh anytime;)through the last few years we has shared many experiments together including a anti-eyebrow and a frenulum. I entered the studio somewhat nervous, but i have much trust in her, so i thought, Not TO Fear;) Claudia was there. So i entered the room, she went through the normal before piercing procedures, she has always been very sterile in everything that she does, so i had literally no worries other than her holding this beautiful 12guage needle right between my eyes, woohoo! there the moment was, the adrenaline started to rush.....breathe in, breathe out....and poke!Endorphinzzzz (Headache Was Gone)wait though, there was no pain at all just a poke, there was seriously no pain, a good deal of blood though,i remember the blood running down the sides of my face, and the excitement this brought me, to this day i still have the paper towel with the blood all over it, a memoir so to speak of an eye opening(specifically 3rd eye) experience. The bleeding stopped, i looked in the mirror, very happy, perfectly straight piercing. Today its a year and a half later, and the piercing is still there, hasn't migrated or moved at all. Which i have heard many a times of the bridge piercing migrating out, so i am very happy with mine, and my body. In all i have 14 piercings, septum, nostril twice, ears, labrette, eyebrow, tounge -twice, nipples, and the bridge. Out of all these experiences i found the bridge to be the most enjoyable, maybe its the beauty of the piercing, knowing its history , or maybe it was the blood i enjoyed, that rush. I live in the small town of Marysville, WA, and lets just say the natives here, don't react that well to me, but even i am surprised some days by people comments. Being pierced and living in a small town is quite the experience all in itself. Most the people don't understand, but then every once in a while, i run into someone who just says the right thing, and keeps the like balanced with the unlike. I mean don't get me wrong, i could really give a shit about what these small town folk think, i wouldn't change a thing about my body, but its still nice to get some good vibes sometimes;) I was at the food bank the other day, and if you have ever been to a foodbank, you know there are lots of Elderly people, so of course i get tons of glares and stares, but this wonderful woman every time I come in is like, " I love yer piercings, they make you look so beautiful" and the other day she told me i was looking gorgeous as ever with all my piercings, and this lil old lady has to be like 80, and it just amazed me, and reminded me, that there are still cool people, who see the beauty in many things. People who don't have blocks, and prejudices up blocking there true vision. When i meet people like this, people who see the beauty in body modification, who aren't necessarily into the experience themselves, it gives me hope, hope for the world, hope for the growing minds, the children, knowing that at least a few won't be brought up with stoopid prejudices and judgements ingrained into there heads. I experience seeing this head on, I work in a daycare with children, and i feel good about my working there, cause they meet me, and see what i nice guy i am , then they go running home telling there parents that the guy at the daycare has "pretties" all over his face. I view this as an eye opening experience for them and also for some of there parents. Of course i say some, because most parents don't react as well as the children do, but most have seen that there children enjoy it and like me, so they deal;) As it is, living in a small town and trying to find work isnt easy. Most people are quick to judge, you have piercings and tattoos, you must be a crazy freak wierdo!! That is generally how most people react. So i feel lucky to have the job i do, and to be able to be playing a good part in these children's lives, however small it may be, I feel maybe for at that moment they can be at least having a peek of what the world truly has to offer them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Claudia
Studio: The+Customized+Body
Location: Washington+State

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