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Ankle Piercing

I start, I must state that I am a stupid teenager with no clue about piercing or any other body modification. Everything I did regarding this ankle piercing was extremely stupid, and it could have turned out a lot worse than it did. I'm just sharing my experience. I guess what I'm saying is, don't try this at home! A few months ago, my friend came to school with an earring through her ankle. I was disgusted, yet intrigued. She had done it herself with an ear piercing stud, and she claimed that it didn't hurt. Everyone at my school was either impressed or grossed out, and she got tons of attention for doing this. Most people thought she was just weird, but a few really like it. For a few weeks her ankle was the talk of the school. Everybody knew. After awhile though, she was kicked and it fell out. She immedietly decided to pierce her other ankle. But, unfortunately, her body seemed to reject that piercing, and it had to be removed from her ankle. A few days after my friend pierced her ankle, I was fooling around with a safety pin, and I tried to pierce my ankle. I pulled back the outer stretchy skin, and tried to shove the pin through. I don't think my heart was totally in it, though. After about an hour of trying, I gave up. I was mad at myself because I hadn't gone through with it. I couldn't believe I was such a chicken. Anyway, recently, I've been visiting this site and totally getting into body modification, and even though I know it's not safe, I began cutting designs onto my body with a razorblade. I first carved a cross onto my thigh, then an I on my upper leg. Then I carved a Z in between my breasts. Next, I wrote the word KORN on my inner ankle(That's my favorite word. I carved 51 onto my other inner ankle, and I cut the Blair Witch symbol into my stomach. In case you're wondering, I had to hide all of these body modifications from my parents, because they would really flip out. Oddly, carving designs onto myself helped me to start appreciating my body. I loved each and every one of my body modifications, and hoped they would scar. I love showing them to people(other than my parents of course!)and seeing their different reactions. Actually, there is the one basic reaction of "You're crazy!", which I got from everyone except my ankle-piercing friend. After awhile, she caught on to the hobby, and carved a few designs on herself as well. Then one night, I decided to pierce my ankle. I don't know where the urge came from, but I had seen some stories on BME of people who had it done, so I knew it wasn't too weird. I cleaned off a safety pin with rubbing alchohol, and pierced the inside of my ankle. My friend had pierced the outside of her ankle, and I wanted mine to be different. The safety pin took about 5 minutes to get through, because it hurt, and I was going really slow. When I finally got it through,I removed the safety pin carefully and attempted to insert a little ring. I tried for about half an hour, then gave up. The ring just wouldn't go in. When I tried to re-insert the safety pin, that didn't work either. I had lost the hole. I was upset, and yet for some odd reason extremely determined to wake up the next morning with some kind of hole in my body. I had done my share of cutting, and this ankle piercing really meant a lot to me. For some reason, I had to prove, not to others, but to myself, that I could do this, and that I wouldn't chicken out. I couldn't give up. Not now. This safety pin was going through my ankle, it was going through tonight, and there were no buts about it. I decided I would just go ahead and pierce the outside. The skin is must stretchier there, so it's less painful as well. This time, I used ice to numb my ankle. I pulled out the stretchy skin and poked it through. This one was much less painful and a lot quicker, too. Once the safety pin was in, I closed the safety pin, which was really difficult, and a bit painful. I didn't want to lose this hole too. That night, I was so happy. I couldn't believe I had gone through with it! The next day, I called my ankle-piercing friend, and my experience convinced her to try it again. She scrunched up her skin and pierced it with a piercing stud. After a day, however, she removed it, because it had been hurting. 3 days after I pierced it, I went to the mall and purchased an 18 ga barbell. We saw a movie after that, and while watching the movie, I removed the safety pin(that hurt like hell, by the way!) and tried to insert the barbell.

I tried for the whole movie to get it through, with no success. I gave up after awhile, with the barbell hanging out of my ankle. A few hours and a lot pain later, the barbell finally popped through the exit hole. I started to scream, I was sooooooo happy. I've been cleaning with peroxide, only because I don't know what else to use. It's been 2 weeks, and the barbell is still in there, but I think migrations taking place and I may lose my piercing :(. That upsets me but as soon as it falls out, I'll just pierce the other one! Just to repeat myself, every single thing I did was stupid, and if you want to pierce your ankle, get it done professionally or something.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: Self
Location: New+York

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