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Madison Piercing

ember seeing some girls with madison piercings at a rave and thinking how gross it looked..... but before long I was looking for something new to pierce and I started to love the idea after looking at several pics on BME. In the city I live in there are very few piercing studios, and even less that are clean and know what they are doing. I decided to go to my regular piercer who had never performed a madison. I was told by a more experienced piercer that a ring was better for healing than a staple (very deep barbell) So I chose an impala (like a CBR with spikes on the ends)Thinking that while it was healing I might as well have some cool looking jewelry. Aaron and I looked at a bunch of pictures I had printed off of BME and some in magazines, deciding on placement of the madison. His gloved hands marked the dots at the bottom of my throat in between my 2 breastbones I guess. Aaron cleaned some skin, pulled it out and clamped it. We went through this a few times because the dots kept rubbing off from the alcohol that had been wiped over the area. My neck became red very quickly. I found the clamps more painful than they were during my nipple piercing. I asked him to move the needle through quickly - afraid that if he pierced my neck too slowly I may cough or move, affecting the straightness of the pierce. He sterilized everything, wiped my neck again with alcohol and slid the needle through. As fast as he completed the pierce it seemed like it took 10 minutes to pass through my skin. I couldn’t help saying ouch, it was like nothing I have ever felt before. I found the pain factor about 10 times worse than nipple piercing, but I have never had very sensitive nipples. I began to bleed and because my head was tilted back I couldn’t see how much, but he tucked a paper towel into my shirt so it may have been a fair amount. The endorphins kicked in and I was too thrilled to feel sore at the time. He cleaned it off and I admired the great looking madison that I had, but I decided not to force the rest of the world to look at the blood and unpleasant site of the fresh pierce, so we taped some gauze over my Madison. My piercer told me to take it easy for the rest of the day, but unfortunately I had to go to work for 8 hours. I found it difficult to lift my arms or turn my neck without pain and felt quite nauseous. These factors became so extreme that I was unable to finish my shift. I rested for awhile at home then I took the gauze off and ventured out into the public. My shirt covered my madison, but I got very strong reactions from everyone who I showed it to. The most common being “oh my god! didn’t that hurt?!” and the second most common reaction being “ewwww gross” When I went home I was in so much pain and so irritated by the number of negative reactions that I had received I considered removing my jewelry. Thankfully, something in the back of my mind told me that since I had already gone through that much pain I might as well stick it out. I cleaned my madison with antiseptic the first night and when I woke up in the morning I had difficulty moving my whole upper body. I ingested many Tylenol’s and after a few days the pain was barley noticeable. I began cleaning twice a day with antibacterial soap - which hurt a little, and before and after work I wiped it with alcohol or antiseptic. I made sure to keep my madison covered with gauze at work, because I work around food and didn’t want to risk any sort of infection (or more pain!) Two weeks since the pierce and my madison was still quite red around the jewelry. After constantly people commenting on how it looked infected I bought some hydrogen peroxide and applied. Then I got my doctor to check it out just to be sure. He said that it was looking good for 2 weeks and he told me that it would take about 6 weeks to heal. He also recommended applying Neosporin. I have never heard of this recommendation for piercings before, but it feels pretty good so I apply it on occasion. Hydrogen peroxide is my hero! Within 3 days of wiping the stuff on before work and at night (cleaning with betadine or anti-bacterial soap in the morning) the redness was less noticeable. 3 weeks since the pierce and I still can not wear normal T-shirts that cover my madison, because the jewelry will catch and the rubbing of the material irritates the piercing. I mostly wear low cut shirts, but if I must wear one that covers my piercing I find that placing a bandaid loosely over the jewelry keeps it from getting pulled on by my shirt. I can’t wait to change to a staple or curved barbell or something that will be less in the way, but I know that my piercing will need another 3 weeks or so before that would be good idea. I really adore my madison. It has not showed any signs of growing out yet, and I have started to get more positive reactions from people. I think it will be a beautiful piercing and I have no intentions of removing it anytime soon. I wouldn’t recommend this pierce to anyone who is unfamiliar with body piercing , or has any aversion to pain. But for those hardcore body piercers - or people who have to be different - go for it! Please email me with any questions or comments! Heather~ screamingbutterfly@bignerds.zzn.com

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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