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The Dare

ircing Iam writeing about is the hand web. Between the thumb and pointer fingers.I can be difficult if you dont have alot of skin there. so look before you try!!! I dont know where this peircing can from and i dont know who made it but its cool. Well it all started when I was talking to a few friends about peircings. I was talking about the one bettween the thumb and the pointer finger, and I was dared to do it. so I was like "what the hell." I had done it 3 times before but no one knew. I only knew about it from this site i had never seen any one with it befor. I thought it looked kinda cool so i did it!!! So I got a sewing needle (Next time I wana sharper one, Get one if your going to do this.) , ice in a baggy and some bactine. I cleaned the tools off and the spot I was going to peirce. I layed the ice on my hand and let it sit there for a little will.I did it tell it was cold and numb so as not to hurt alot. When it was numb I got a plyers to hold the skin so it wouldnt bend and I couldnt get it in.Then after I got that on I grabed the needle and stuck it through. The only problem was that it was hard to get it to go out the other side. But after a iceing I pushed it through. YIPPIE!!! It was through and they were amazed(my friends that is). Well I did it again. I scaned it so I had proff for the future. But then when I tried to put a ring in it , it got all bloody and I couldnt get it through so its gone again. oh well maybe another time. Now, the last time I had done this it was about the same but I left the needle in and cut off the pointy end. Then a few hours later I took it out and put a stud in.I kept it in for a few days but it was bugging me cuze I had a bandage over it all the time. Only one person even knew bout that one. I wish that I had kept that one in but i didnt. The dumb thing is, is that I think it was allmost done healing!!! darn. The first time I tried it I was a little nearves, but i did it. but stupid my I pulled it out to soon and I couldnt get it back in!!! I would recomend this to someone who wants a peircing but doesnt want pain. Its close to painless. Or at least it was when I did it. Things to remember next time I do it: Sharper needle leave it in for awill find cool jelwery for it!!! thing for you to remeber: Always be safe, dont share needles or and other tool you use, Clean every thing, to clean jewlery and needles and tools put them in a pot of water with salt and boil for 45 mins. Clean the area where your sticking it through, ice ice and re-ice it helps, put somthing there to hold the skin so it doesnt bend!Its less painfull if you do it to yourself, but its more dangeous. Its esaier to get infected. After you do it put anti bacterial stuff on it so not to get infected. If you need to keep it from gettin pulled or whatever use a bandaid to keep it down tell you can take the ring or stud out. When your taking it out becasue you dont like it clean it. Put basitracine on it to keep it from getting a nasty infection. Infections are not fun. If you get one go to the doctor. Its verey dangerous to leave it un-attended. Sometimes a part can be amputated if it is baddly infected. So be safe and clean. Signs theres an infection: It hurts alot, Its pussing ( ick!!), its bright red on it and around it, it feels hot to the touch, it turns black and other odd colors ( not good), your hand falls off after turning black, your arm falls off after turning black, you die after it goes un-treated. If you suspect its infected call you doctor right away. And then go there and have him look at it. Horror story I heard from a doctor that there is a posiblity that you could get a flesh eating virus from this type of thing, or any peircing as a matter of fact. Flesh eating is nasty, skin turns black, smells bad, and then you become an amputeie or die!!! FUN FUN FUN!!! Thats all I think... Well thanks for rerading my story, have a nice day!!! Peace Out!!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Me+myself+and+I
Studio: Kitchen+on+the+island
Location: In+my+house

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