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Hand webbing

lways wanted to decorate my hands in a more permanent way then standard jewerly(rings, etc etc). I've been trying to design a tattoo for around a year and a half, and when my girlfriend mentioned she was thinking about piercing her thumb-index finger web, I was instantly interested. Loving things in two's and asymetrical designs, I choose to pierce the pinkie-ring web and the index-thumb web on my left hand. I wanted to get barbells with disc's on the inside(palm) and spikes on the outside, inbetween my knuckles. It was with these ideas in my head when that I noticed a advertisement in a local independent weekly publication for "Nomad" a body piercing studio(what other kind of piercing studios are there?). My girlfriend being the active go-getter that she is called up Nomad and was answered by Blake, who gave us directions and an invitation to visit his studio whenever its open, which is most of the time. We drove over and after a little searching for his studio, which has a strange resemblance to a converted house and resides in the middle of a residential area, we entered the studio, which has a small tribal museum stocked full of wonderful artifacts, many of which were collected by his grandmother during her work in third world countries. After waiting for the small crowd to complete their business my girlfriend and I spoke with Blake about what we wanted done, my girlfriend wanted to stretch her ears and pierce her thumb web, and I wanted to get my pinky-ring and thumb-index web pierced. We were informed that it would take a couple days to order the custom jewerly for my g/f's ears, and since we both wanted to get our piercings together we were going to wait till everything was ready and do it all in one massive piercing/stretching trip. We gave blake the go ahead to order everything and he would call us when it was all ready. I was working a hand-intensive manual labor job that was extremely dirty, and required getting copious amounts of grease and oil on my hands, and I was going to wait a week until the job was done before getting the piercings, however when monday rolled around and Blake got the custom jewelry I couldn't resist anymore. My girlfriend and I went down to the Nomad studio, and got busy. Blake, world famous piercer, had recently relocated to Bend Oregon, and his house/studio is only a few blocks from my house. Blake had pierced the thumb-index web before, but never a pinkie-ring web, and was kinda suprised that someone in Bend( a very conservative town) would be getting something he had never done before. After using a flashlight to determine if there were any blood vessels in the way, Blake dotted the target zone and asked me if that was what i wanted, after i consented to his choice of placement, he sterilized the area, grabbed my hand, and jammed the needle through. It was very interesting to watch the 12 gauge needle poke through my hand. And even more intense to look at my hand with this enormous needle sticking through it. And the biggest rush I've ever had. He then did his magic and put the jewelry in without any hitches. The whole operation from sterilization to done was VERY fast and relatively painless. After having done one, we followed the same procedure and finished the other piercing without incident. The whole day before I went to the studio I was so nevrous and pumped with adrenaline, like any day before a huge experience, my first piercing. While everything was being done I was getting the biggest rush of my life, and when I looked at my hand when it was done I was so exicted and stoked, it was the most amazing feeling, every time I looked at my hand I got the biggest shit-eating grin on my face, I was so happy. When people with earrings and other piercings question why the hell I pierced my hand, I think about how stoked I am every single day to have this piercing, and I wonder if their piercings give them that much pleasure. Every single day I notice my hand, and it makes me smile. The hardware is shiny barbells, with disks on one end and balls on the other, you can see this in the picture. The first day after the piercing I felt like i had suffered massive trauma to my hand and I was afraid to do ANYTHING with it, which was kind of fun, its always fun to try to get through everyday activities with only one hand. While i had my thumbweb in( it migrated out, after 3 months) the only thing I noticed that really was affected was washing my hair, if i held my palm against my skull my hair would get caught in the piercings. Since my thumbweb migrated out( You can tell when this is going to happen when you start getting scabs on the outside where the piercing starts) I've not had ANY problems with my hand piercings. I worked for my dad doing dirty manual labor and as long as I cleaned the piercing regularly with bactine and soaked it in sea-salt everything was fine while it was healing. Having never been pierced before I couldn't really compare the pain to anything else, since then I've gotten my labret pierced, which hurt a lot more for the actual piercing, but healed very quickly, unlike my hand. On a end note, as with most everyone else, i would suggest you to just go do it, whatever it is you are thinking about piercing, but don't let anyone else pressure you into getting some bullshit piercing you aren't stoked about. Goto a professional, and I mean professional in attitude and experience, not just some jackass that throws up a sign and says "I'm a professional piercer." and get QUALITY jewelry, not any bullshit plastic or nickel shit, get stuff with threads on the balls/spikes/whatever not the post, or a ring. I'm pretty sure my g/f and I are the only ones in Central Oregon with their hands pierced, and that is kinda cool to never see anyone with the same piercing as you, but I wouldn't mind if more people went out and did their hands (wink). Here is the address for a scan i made of my hand, it looks kinda nice, but its only the palm, so you can't really see the piercings. If there is anyone in oregon(or anywhere really) that wants to get a hold of me i would be very happy to talk more about my experience, just send an email. http://rloft.inetsolve.com/rhys/handweb.jpg a href="http://rloft.inetsolve.com/rhys/handweb.jpg"Picture of my hand/a

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Blake
Studio: Nomad
Location: Bend+Oregon

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