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Ok, this one kinda hurt! :o)

p> I've been a fan of BME for a long time! So, I've got my tongue pierced(fun, do it!) and my navel pierced(mainstream, but cute)so, I wanted something else more interesting, but concealable. After much deliberation, I decided on a horizontal spinal piercing.(yikes, I'm such a pain wimp too!)But there I found myself, sitting in the waiting room for Millenium, my Piercer was Tom, I would highly recomend him!As I've gone to him before. This was a much more unusual piercing than what is normally requested at Millenium, but Tom was willing to do it. I printed out a few pictures of what I wanted, and we were ready to go! We started off with the customary signing away of my life.(I used to get nervous doing this) Then off to the back room we went, with a 12ga. barbell.......ouch, 12? but that's what Tom said was best. Ans we wouldn't want to make the guy with the needle uncomfortable! :o) so, he marked the spot that I wanted, told me to take a few deep breaths and exhale, HARD! I did, and lemme tell ya honestly, this one did hurt, not unlivable pain, but it hurt a bit! you definitely feel the needle go through, but it's more of a rush than anything else! But totally, I love this one, because it's unique, and coverable(good for a catholic ballerina!) it was sore afterwards for a good week, but if I can handle it, so can any of you! So, as for any questions that you'd have, lemme try to help you with that! 1. Will it hurt? well, it really depends on you, but in my experience, not all that badly! 2. Are clamps used? there were clamps used on me, but some piercers preferr free-piercing as is my general experience. 3. Is the tongue worse? not by a longshot, I could hardly feel the tongue, but I did feel this one! 4. Why a spinal piercing? It's easily hidden, not very painful, and looks awesome with swimsuits and low-back dresses! I love it, and intend on getting ink done to compliment it ASAP! 5. Did it bleed? Mine didn't, but I'm not what you'd call a bleeder..........I very rarely bleed. 6. why the self "mutilation"? well, this was a question that my grandpa would ask......I don't consider it mutilation in the least, I feel it is decoration, art even.....and it has actually helped me get rid of my fear of needles!(yeppers, big piercing devotee, terrified of needles!!!) personally, every time i gt pierced, I'm scared out of my mind right before the needle goes through, but that's actually part of the attraction to me! I've gotten so much better with my fear, and I've had one bad piercing experience, it was my navel, and I had it done at a place that would pierce minors, it was totally sterile, the piercing is just very deep, my normal piercer, Shane, was horrified by it! So now, I go to either him, or Tom.....this time, I went to Tom, because Shane didn't have alot of experience with unusual piercings like spinals. I'm considering getting a nape piercing next, they just look cool and are totally different and not so mainstream, that's why i love these types, plus they're not too painful, so that helps alot! (I hate pain, so much!)So far this piercing has caused only one problem, I'm a gymnast, so it's a fairly new piercing, and it's irritable under the tight leotards..........also, it's caught on the bars once, OUCH!!!!!! But hey, my navel does the same, and it's not as if I haven't bitten down on my tongue bar a few thousand times, so it's worth it. Darn it, these stories for BME have to be so long!!!!!! so I'm kinda just rambling to finish it off. So I'll tell you a little about me, I live in northern colorado, am a serious Ballet (pointe) dancer, diver, and gymnast.....I am also catholic, and have a preppy, church girl appearance, so I get weird looks for my piercings, but I love them, I think it's pathetic how some people don't think i should have them because i'm not punk. well, I used to be punk, all of that, but I was 15, and I'm over it, I still love everybody, but now I dress a little more put-together, and it's only because i'm comfy this way! :o) geez, well ok, i think i can stop boring you with this crap now, I hope I've made that limit of 800 words! if any of you are considering a spinal piercing, do it, they're really cool and if a wimpy little girl like me can do it, so can you, totally! lotsa love to you! PLUR

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Millenium
Location: Colorado

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