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Madison: repierced,infected,removed

tate from time to time, I have since I was seven. I sit very straight and very still and I close my eyes and breathe. In my mind's eye I see a golden column flowing from the center of the world through my body, bisecting me, and continuing up to the infinity of space. I have a fixation on my center line. I've adorned it as best I can. I lacked a Madison. This thought hit me one Friday night, I wasn't in the mood for something as simple as a Madison, I was in the mood for something large gauged and painful, but when I called my piercer, Kevin, the words that came out were, "I want to get a Madison tomorrow". At the time I had a loose standing appointment on Saturdays, but always thought it polite to inform him before hand what was on my mind. I arrived late, at the tail end of a slow Saturday. I'd brought along Christie, my modification moral support more out of habit than out of need. My piercer, my friend, myself, and a few people I'd run into downstairs who wanted to watch entered the piercing room. I took my normal position in the piercing chair (Indian style, I like it that way) only to be admonished to stand so he could mark me. Cleaned, marked, and consulted on the placement, I was allowed to sit once again. Kevin reclined the chair and I went horizontal with it. He asked me if I was ready, and I nodded yes, he turned around to change gloves and get the needle, and I continued my conversation. He removed the needle and jewelry from their autoclave packets as I conversed with the onlookers crowding the doorway. He turned around and put the lubricated needle at the mark for the entrance point. I felt the point resting against my skin and the hand not holding the needle resting lightly where the exit point was to be, I was mid-sentence and assumed he'd let me finish. But apparently I looked ready to him. The needle went in and out all in the space of one word. A cork was on and the jewelry (14 ga cbr) quickly followed the needle through the new hole and I was soon on my way to dinner with Christie. I changed on my way to dinner to comply with the dress code, knocking the bead loose; during dinner it popped out and was lost. I was not in a restaurant that allowed its patrons to grub around the carpet looking for a lost bit of body jewelry. If I'd been at home replacing the bead would have been nothing, but I was staying about an hour away where body jewelry was not abundant. Medical tape was used to secure the ring to my body, but when I awoke I found the tape had been ineffective. Two thin trails of blood marked where the ring had been. I talked to my piercer on Monday, and swung by on Wednesday to repierce, by that time all trace of the original Madison was gone. The next day while playing with my dog the Madison was licked and otherwise saturated with dog germs. That evening, despite a thorough washing moments after the piercing came in contact with the piercing, redness and swelling occurred. That was followed by a trip on Friday to my family doctor who was overjoyed at finally having "proof" that body piercing was evil (at one point or another he's declared all of my piercings infected, even though I'm pretty sure the Madison is the first to actually be infected). I endured yet another lecture before receiving my prescriptions and beating a hasty retreat out the door. Ten days followed where I faithfully took my oral antibiotic and applied a topical antibiotic (Bactroban) three times a day. For the first three days of treatment the piercing was very, very swollen and where the ring ran beneath my skin there was an angry looking red crescent. Thick, gross milky yellow goo oozed out, copious amounts, insane amounts of ooze leaked out. Starting on the forth day the swelling started to disappear and the volume of liquid coming from the piercing decreased until finally nothing but the redness remained. I called my doctor and was advised to continue treatment for five more days. It was still red at the entrance and exit points after five more days, so I went back in to my doctor (for yet another lecture!) only to be told it wasn't infected anymore. My piercer, who thought infection via dog spit was funny, suggested rejection as the reason behind the redness, but the piercing didn't seem to be going anywhere, so I left it in. Three months passed, the redness remained, a source of constant worry. Nothing helped, but then again, nothing happened. Nothing gross oozed out, and it didn't look like it had moved, there wasn't any scar tissue from where the ring had receded, and it was still pretty deeply set. But it looked like something was wrong, so I thought about it and decided to take it out. I'm still not sure why it stayed red, maybe if I'd left it in until it was healed, or at least a little older, it would have gone away on its own, but I was nervous and impatient. A day after taking the piercing out the color of my skin is the same light brown it is elsewhere. Two small scabs mark where a ring once rested. It looks like I was bitten by a vampire. Beneath my skin I feel the flesh tunnel that had been forming and I'm sad(regretful?) to have lost my Madison for the second time. There's a great deal of beauty in the Madison and I miss having it adorning me. Once the scar tissue absorbs sufficiently, I'll have it redone.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kevin+Thomas
Studio: Uptown+Downtown
Location: Greenville%2C+SC

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