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The addiction. The reason I shouldn't have money.

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The first time I put a needle through flesh was as a small child, when I tried to see if I could put the needle through the very top layers of skin on various parts of my hand without any pain. My first performed piercing was through my friend's ear. My second through my own penis. I was on the phone with my a friend and the idea to have a frenum suddenly seemed very right; like something that should have been done a long time ago. He told me to hang up on the phone with him before I did it.

I was young at the time, didn't know what I was doing, and the piercing didn't take. It did, however, launch my fascination into body modification.

Which brings us to my madison piercing. When I walked in to get my nipples done years ago (my first proffessional piercing), the artist had a madison piercing. I was intrigued and had ever since wanted one. In January of this year, 4 years after my first Madison sighting, I walked out of Inflictions Piercing in Fullerton, CA with one.

I didn't mean to get it at the time. We went there so I could get my tattoo (The studio is shared with Future Tattoo). The tattoo artist had a full schedule. One of the people I was with decided to check out the jewelery for his upcoming Industrial Piercing. I joined him...It'd been years since I had had a piercing (ink had become my new desire), but I always like looking at the jewelery. The piercer asked if she could help with anything...My friend, finding no applicable jewelery for his desire said no. I, with my ever lasting fascination of the madison piercing asked how much one would cost. I think she had the impression I was refering to a Monroe, because she pointed to her lip and quoted a price. I should have taken that as the first sign that you don't ask someone to do a piercing if they have no idea what it is, but I never learn. She realized her error, however, and said," Oh! That neck one." And gave me a price that shocked me. It was so cheep that the tattoo I had been considering slipped from my mind (I still haven't gotten it).

I sat back and considered this option. I really shouldn't have been spending the money in the first place. So decided to flip to decide. But seeing that I had no coins, I flipped my credit card. As it landed with the numbers facing me, I realized that after 4 years of waiting for (what I thought would be) the only other piercing I would ever want, I was finally going to have my madison piercing. The procedure was simple enough. 12 gauge CBR.Unbutton my shirt, cleanse and mark, clamp...breathe. Breathing may be what got me through it. The piercer I had always gone to had always pierced on the exhale of a deep breath. This was not the same person, however. When this piercer told to inhale, I did so. PIERCE.

She pierced on the inhale.

I wasn't ready for it and because of that didn't register the expected pain. That's right. It didn't hurt. A couple months through the healing process it was looking very good but it got caught one day and tugged. after that it started to reject. So I took it out. After six months, time enough to name every inanimate object I owned Madison, I decided it was time again.But once again, that decision came at the spur of the moment on the flip of a credit card and, once again, was performed in lieu of my original intention for being there. This time it was where I took a girl for our second date (no wonder she didn't want to date me anymore). I was going to give my friend her birthday modification (She only had her ears pierced when she accompanied me to my first piercing. Now I look normal and she sets off metal detectors from long distances). This time I decided I didn't want to wait for a 12 gauge to heal and then stretch so, pardon the pun, I went for the throat and got a 10.

I've now had my madison repierced for 2 weeks. It looks great and feels great. I also carry around a business card in my shirt pocket that says simply, "NO! It didn't hurt!" I've had to show it too many times. Hopefully this time it will heal. I hear there is a better acceptance rate on the second go due to scar tissue holding the piercing in place, but only time will tell.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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