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My Self-Ankle Piercing

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Since I pierced my belly button at age 14, I can't stop. And I do all of my own piercings, I know that it is very very bad, but I know what i'm doing. After all the reading up, and my friend that is a piercer. After I did my belly button, I put 4 more in my right ear, and one tragus. Then my eyebrow. All of which are doing pretty well.

Then a couple days ago, I was going nuts again, and wanted to put more metal in my body to feed my addiction. After thinking about it, I thought about my ankle. The things that made me want to do it were really, because they were unusual, probably wouldn't hurt that bad, probably wouldn't bleed much, and they are cute.

I thought about the bad sides too. What if it DOES hurt? What if it gets infected? What in hell will my mom say? What will my boyfriend think of it? What kind of jewelry should I wear? What if the jewelry is too small? Should I clean with Betadine? Saltwater?

Despite my worries, I decided to do it anyway. I got the needle I use on all of my self done piercings. I know its bad.......but they never get infected or anything. Got the 14 g curved barbell that used to be in my naval. And put a different 14g CBR in my belly button, after cleaning it of course. I boiled the big needle in water, then cleaned it with alcohol, and set it down onthe sink.( I was in my bathroom ) I then cleaned my ankle, first with alcohol, then with betadine. Then I looked at my ankle and decided where I wanted the entrance and exit holes to be. Got the needle and after about 3 minutes, the needle was through. If you go to a professional, which I strongly suggest, the whole damn piercing itself will probably be done by then! Back to the ankle now, I cleaned the barbell good, then took a few deep breaths, and very quickly removed the needle and put the barbell through.

I just kinda sat there in shock for a couple seconds. Then screwed on the other ball. And there it was. It didn't hurt or anything. I can honestly say that. It was only a little bit red. I took out my betadine and cleaned it again, just to be safe. Then I went into my moms room to look in her full length mirror, and I loved it!

My boyfriend came over, and I showed him, he just gave me a weird look and was like, "I can't believe you did that" I asked him if heliked it, he said that it was kind of odd, like something he had never seen before, but he said it was cool. My mom doesn't know yet, and I don't intend on telling her..........ever.

It has been about 2 days since I pierced it, its not red, it doesn't hurt or anything. I clean it with betadine when I wake up and then before I go to bed I clean it with saltwater. I am not sure if I am cleaning it right, because there isn't much info on them yet. But I think I am , because everything is going really good so far. I like it a lot. It feels a little weird when I am wearing pants, how they rub against it. And when I am sleeping when it rubs against the sheets. That doesn't really hurt, its just kind of weird. Its hard to describe. I am starting to get used to having a piece of metal in my ankle now. I just have to make sure my family doesn't find out about this, or I am screwed.

Well, now that I am updating my story, its been 2 weeks. After the first week it started looking really red and I got crusties. I soaked them with salt water and wiped them away. That there is really important when it comes to things like this. Never pick at crusties. :) and I cleaned it with betadine each day. I think im doing things right. Little by little the color is going back to normal. So I am assuming everything is going alright with it. Right now it is a little red because It accidentally got caught on a loose string on a towel and I pulled it a little, but luckily it didnt rip at it really bad, I caught it in time.

To anybody thinking of piercing their ankle. Do it! They are great and don't even really hurt. Just don't do what I did, do NOT pierce it yourself. Definitely go to a professional. I am not sure about the pricing, but ask your local piercer about them.

Feel free to email me anytime. Ashley



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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