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Deep Muscle Arm Piercing

ello, my name is David and I live in Sweden. If you don't know anything about Sweden then all you need to know it that it is a small beautiful and cold country.

Well, the thing I want to tell you (and the members of BME) is what happend to me two years ago.

I went out for a walk in one of Stockholms many nice parks where I got mugged. I didn't't have any money so probably this robber got pissed of and as he left he shot me in the back. Or not exactly in the back but from behind, in my left arm.

I am a goldsmith and I have always been interested in piercing and tattooing, I got (or rather made) my first needle-tattoo at the age of 11 and my first piercing was a "home made" 3mm thick 24K gold ring through my penis tree years later (I still have it).

How, do you wonder, does this go together and how does it conserne the members of BME? Well already the next day, in the hospital I got the idea to put a gold rod through the "piercing" in my left arm. The wound is approximately 10cm long, and goes through the biceps. It begins on the inside of the arm and exits approximately 5cm up, on the front of my arm, in level with my nipples. For those who know something about guns (I do) I can say that it was probably a 22. at point blank so the hole was small and rather straight.

I got out of hospital the next day, and after all the calling around and saying I was ok (I was-they gave me morphine) I was ready to try a little experiment. It wasn't an easy decision, but I figured, the bullet had already passed through, so what harm could I do? I selected a 3mm stainless steel rod, rounded one end and polished it (I spent 2 houres doing it, due to my condition) I slowly and in a state of almost religious exaltation, pushed the rod through. It was something of an anticlimax. I didn't feel a thing, except for a slight stretching of the skin when the tip exited. It should hurt some!

I pulled the rod out and immediately I had to put on some bandages. the table I was working by was soaking wet with blood.

Later on that day I rang my father who is a doctor and talked to him about many things but when we were to hang up I decided to ask him what he had to say about my "idea". He was not thrilled about it. He told me of infection and he told me that it might stop the heling and he also told me something that I hadn't thought of before, namely that I might get a strange look or two from doctors, polices and other official people that might want to see my wound.

I did think about what he had told me...for etleast ten seconds, then I started to design the jewellery I wanted. after lots of thinking and drawing I decided to use a simple rod with screw-on ball (lots of dirty word there), attleast for starters.

I waited with the permanent placement for a few days so that the doctors would be done white me and the nurses would let me put on the bandages my self. I made the necessary measurements and manufactured the piece of 3mm 14karat gold, soldered the screw and ball on and 24k gold-plated both parts. I polished it werry carefully to avoid scratches that bacteria could "root" in.

At this time the morphine had stopped working and my arm was pretty damned sore so I figured that I would feel more this time. I did. A lot more. The hole had shrunk surprisingly, but I got it through.

It was not at all easy to screw on the boll securely, I only had one hand. Ever tried to screw a nut on a bolt that just keeps turning? Well, when I was done white that and had rubbed off the blood I carefully tried to bend the arm. I could do it, but not without trouble, it felt sort of stiff and very uncomfortable. I figured that it could be due to swelling of the muscle and that it would get better white time.

I looked in the mirror and it looked good! I could feel the boll on the inside of the arm, buy it was'nt disturbing. I have always liked heavy jewellery, piercing as well as "regular" and I could feel the extra weight in my arm, so all in all the happiness was near perfect.. as long as I didn't bend my arm.

I rolled on the bandages and started taking care of some other business.

Two days later my arm started to turn red, hot and swollen. I had got an infection in spite of all my rigorous precautions. To make a long and sad story short and sad, I removed the "stick" and called my dad who gave me a powerful antibiotic, told me that he had told me so but that he understood anyway.

Now all I have got is a nasty scar( or two to be exact ) but I am planing to make a tattoo of some sort around at least the upper scar, to mark this important event in my life.

I have been thinking of maybe having someone pierce the hole again but I doubt that I have the guts.

Finally, I apologise for my poor english, but it is'nt "my" language.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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