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A note from Patrick regarding the chest piercings

Patrick regarding the chest piercings

"Another couple of chest bars, what I call the - Mega Peck - piercings."

"The horizontal bars are made of 4mm thick PTFE (polytetrafluroethalene), with 316 drilled and tapped balls. The threads on the balls cut their own threads, and the bars are easily shortened/trimmed with a scalpel, or a pair of toenail clippers. The Mega Peck's are normally done at 4mm X 4.5 inches. I anaethatise the entrance and exit marks only, provided the needles and insertion pins go under the skin there is no real discomfort."

"I have discontinued doing the vertical bars completely, they pull down, centering their entire weight (even though they are titanium, the weight is considerable) on the top ball. Often this results in the bars pulling into the skin, chafeing, bruising and eventually irritating the skin so that partial rejection follows."

"With the horizontal bars, the weight is acceptable, the only real draw back is if the wearer pulls his shoulders forwards without arranging the bars comfortably first."

"The healing period is +- 3 years."

  • Patrick Bartholomew, Master of the Rings


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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