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My 18th B-day present to me

I was thinking about getting my clit pierced since I was 16, so for about 2 years now. I've always been into piercings and tattoos and all kinds of body modifications. I always wanted to have some kind of piercings. I got my tongue pierced but I wasn't satisfied with the one piercing I have, I still wanted more. So I started talking to my friends about it. One of them said that they were thinking about getting their clit pierced. I started looking at vertical hood piercings for a while not really sure if I wanted to go through with the piercing.

  1. I went into Tattoo City and started talking to the people there and someone was already thinking about getting their clit pierced and one of the artists said that a clit piercing is one of the only piercings that a chick could get that is more for herself than for anyone else. So I finally made up my mind to get my clit pierced. I already had my tongue pierced so I wasn't really scared about the pain. I was really looking forward to the pain actually. I did all my research on BME and looked at Tattoo City's website. I was set to get it done. I made my mind up and had the date picked out my birthday. That was probably the only thing that would really make my birthday perfect

Finally the day had come. It was Friday, March 19th and I was finally 18. I already made plans with a very close friend (the same one who suggested the clit piercing) to leave school early and go get my clit pierced. So we forged our parents' signatures and left school early and were driving to Tattoo City. The whole way there I was just thinking "Im gonna get my clit pierced. Im gonna have to drop my pants in front of a guy Im meeting for the second time."

I was already pierced by Kivaka so I was really glad that I was gonna get pierced by him. I was still kinda nervous that I was gonna have to drop my pants in front of a guy that I just met for the second time, but it was worth it. He was so cool about everything he explained everything to me that he was doin. Finally he cleaned the area, marked the area, and put the clamp on which honestly felt great. He told me that it was going to hurt for about 3 seconds then it was going to go away. He said it was going to be like having sex for the first time it's over before you even know it Then he finally pierced me. It hurt for about 2 seconds the pain was over before I even knew it. It was this sharp pain that went away really fast. He showed me what it looks like in a mirror and it looked great. He took pictures for his book and his gallery that's on their website and I was more than happy to let him.

After I paid him, I left and I didn't feel like i just had a needle just go through my most sensitive and most precious part of my body. I just walked out of there happier than anyone can ever be. My friend just started screaming "You just got your clit pierced. I can't believe you got it done." She obviously was curious about whether or not I could feel the babel or not and i couldn't. Later that day I found myself just moving my hips from side to side and wearing tight pants. I even end up playing with it my moving my muscles and felling the barbel move up and down. Sometimes when I get up really fast I feel it move.

My piercing healed great after I got it done. Some people might take longer to heal but it is worth the time and the pain. You really don't want to wait too long to get it done. JUST GO AND GET IT DONE. You'll be glad that you did. As long as you take care of it and get it done by someone who knows what their doing you'll be fine. All that you have to do is clean it wash your hands before you touch it and just do everything else that the care instructions tell you to do and you'll be enjoying the great feeling of having your clit pierced.

If you're thinking about getting it done DO IT. Just like Kivaka told me you shouldn't wait til you're old you should get it when you're young because its worth it. It's worth the few seconds of pain or enjoyment (whatever whips your cream.)Just do the research and get it done by a professional.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 March 2004
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport+IL

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