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My first body piercing...the clit hood!

Since I was about 16, I knew that I wanted to get something rebellious done to commerate my 18th birthday. It took a while for me to decide what I wanted to have done, so I took some time and researched my ass off. I met my piercist and good friend Kivaka on the Internet and we started talking about different piercings. He then suggested it to me, and I was instantly hooked on the idea!

When the day came to get it done, I just came from a family party and I was all dressed up pretty (not really like me) and I dragged 2 of my closest friends along with me. We got to the shop, I signed the paperwork, and we went to the back room. I was kind of nervous, as this was my first body piercing other than my ear lobes, so I had a case of the nervous giggles. Kivaka was so cool though, he was very professional and talked me through the whole thing. He laid out all the instruments, unwrapped them, and asked if had anymore questions. My only request was that he not show me the needle, because I knew that I'd freak out right then and there. My friends and I laughed at my willingness to lift my skirt for a man armed with a needle, and I must say it was all in all good fun.

First, he swabbed the area and checked it out to make sure there was enough skin to pierce. Again, I can't stress enough how professional he was about it. He'd be all like "Okay, I'm just swabbing the labia," or "I'm not trying to be gross, but I've got to kinda touch your clit." He cleaned me up, steralized the area, and then started explaining the procedure. I started to have doubts in my mind, but he told me, "Trust me, after this you're going to giggle and thank the hell out of me." So I told my friends that, no matter what, they couldn't let me leave. I laid on the table with my ass on the edge and my feet up on it so that my knees were in the air. My friends went on either side of me and held my hands and kness, lest I got the urge to flich. That would've been really bad.

He finished cleaning me up and clamped the area. It hurt like hell, so I was paranoid that the piercing itself would be unbearable. Kivaka laughed at me the whole time and told me not to make such a big deal out of things, I highly recommend you go to someone you're comfortable around, it makes the experience so much easier. So he told me to take a few deep breaths, and I begged him not to do the "1,2,3 pierce thing." So he didn't, and I was so thankful for that. I started doingthe breathing, and after a few moments he did it.

The pain I felt for that moment was slightly unbearable. However, it literally lasted for maybe 3 seconds. I got such a head rush! When I heard him say "okay, we're all done," I had to have been the happiest girl in the world. He told me it looked awesome, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw both my friends trying to steal a glance at it. Finally I blurted out, "You can look! I won't think you're a sick fuck or anything!" It was good times. After he was done, he asked to take some pictures for the shop's site, so I of course agreed. It was wicked fun.

The worst part was the clamping in my opinion, and it honestly hurt for probably 3 seconds. After that, it didn't even bleed and it wasn't that sore. I've been told that the healing time is about a month, but I honestly don't think it will take that long if you take good care of it. The aftercare is totally simple too. Just wash it twice daily and shower as you normally do. Also, I'd heard that you couldn't have sexual encounters for 3 weeks, but I had some fun with my boyfriend the next morning and it was fine. It's been about a week now and it's just started to heal and whathaveyou. There's VERY minimal swelling, it doesn't hurt unless I move it funny, and it's A LOT of fun!!! I highly recommend that any girl consider getting it done, as it looks badass and it just fucking rocks!

My final advice to anyone would be to make sure you know the shop and are comfortable with it, KEEP BREATHING, and keep up on the cleaning. If you do that, I really don't think you should have any problems and you'll be VERY glad that you got this done! If you've got any questions, feel free to e-mail the site and I'll be more than happy to talk to you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Dec. 2003
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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