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Year of the body art

as a bad year for myself and for some of my fellow co-workers. Our New-years' resolutions were of various goals, however, mine was to improve the quality of my life and to take better care of myself. Thus, the year if the body art was born. I had always wanted a belly button piercing and was inspired by one of my co-worker's double piercing of his tongue. I asked what was seemingly tons of questions to the point of daily interrogation. The questions I has asked the most was "where did you go" and "where is the shop located" I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to croak on us from some funky disease he may had contracted from the piercing process. (You get this way when you work in the medical profession.) After about 3 months of daily interrogation of this co-worker, I deceided to just go and get my belly button pierced. That one trip was only the beginning of my journey in my quest of self-renewal. I researched the piercing here on the BME site and had most of my questions answered. I was very nervous. I did not tell my husband what I was going to have done. I wanted to suprise him. When I got home and showed him, he got an instant hard-on. He also suggested that I go and have my nipples pierced, since I like so much stimulation there. Paragon Piercing is VERY impressive. The rooms are so clean, they put the clinic where I work into question. Gus was the coolest. I was a bit nervous at first but he put me so at ease with the belly button piercing, three days later, I went back to get both of my nipples done with my husband in tow. He was in total shock. It really did not hurt ant all. No flinching, screaming, hand holding. I was ready. Afterward we went grocery shopping. It's quite fun when you're high on endorphins. What a rush. Then I got a tattoo to go with the belly button piercing. (another place, another story). But then, after I showed everyone (from my boss to the medical residents)I kept getting asked the same annoying question- when are you going to do the pussy? I replied with my then standard answer- NEVER, WHAT FOR? Needless to say, the question gnawed at me for 4 months. I kept changing my mind. I even asked my husband, and was told that he felt uncomfortable with someone working on me down there. I resarched the piercing, looked at tons of pictures, and read various expericences. I found more reasons to get a genital piercing than I could imagine. For christ's sake I have to see a gynocologist every year, and that is NOT EVEN pleasant! It's cold and gooey as you all know. As time passed, I could feel that I was not quite done. I was not quite complete. I was fighting with myself, my upbringing (which was anything but normal) how I viewed myself as a woman, my "supposed" role as a woman and where to go from here. At this point my life (and my marriage) was beginning to go haywire once more. Instead of letting it eat me alive as I did last year I decided to go and get a horizontal hood piercing done. (Remember my new-year's resolution?) This was for me. me me me me me me !!!!! I was as ready as I was ever going to be. I was no longer going to take this shit anymore. This is my body, my life. I went back to Paragon Piercing. The experience was INCREDIBLE!!!! (It was so incredible, I forgot the name of the piercer who did it!! He was a hottie- I'll give you that ;)) He was no gynocologist. He cleaned me with great care, measured me, talked with me about the whole procedure, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco (where he came from) and took his time. I was doing my deep breathing and then I felt a REALLY BIG pinch and almost jumped off the table. He just chuckled and calmed me down. I felt slightly embarrased. It was just the clamp. The clamp was double checked and then he told me to get ready. He watched my deep breathing and then the needle went in. A small pinch, like an injection. I felt the endorphin rush and yelled endorphins!!!Yes!!!! He laughed, I was so happy! The CBR went in and capped with a beautiful electric blue captive bead. I had a look. I screamed with delight in the room after he was done. The pierce is so well done and it is beutiful. It is also symbolic, made even more so by my period starting that evening. As I walked down the street to catch the bus home I felt totally empowered. I was no longer the same person. I felt complete. I got home and told my husband. His face went pale. It finally dawned on me that his expectations of marriage, was totally different from mine. These clashing expectations were the cause of the strife that had clouded our marriage. I was growing spritually, mentally, and emotionally and he expected me to stagnate like him. I also had a shit-eating grin on my face which has not diminished since that afternoon. The next morning at work, I gathered my gang and told them what I had done. Everyone outside the office could hear them scream! The men's reaction ranged from head-shaking to bowing in their chairs as I walked past them. My boss (female) and some of my girlfriends made me promise to show them on Monday the new piercing. One of my girlfriends is seriously considering getting hers done. For the first time in my life, I acually carried out my new year resolution, with a vengence. I'm acually reveling in life. The rest of the year (and my marriage) could go to hell in a handbasket. With each piercing and tattoo, I have changed spirtually, emotionally and mentally. I can honestly say I'm not the same person that I was last year. I'm even better. The hood did the trick.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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Studio: Paragon+Piercing
Location: Honolulu%2C+Hawaii

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