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Vertical Clit hood Piercing & Stretching Experience

tical Clit hood Piercing & Stretching Experience

Vertical Clit hood Piercing & Stretching Experience

About 3 months ago, i decided to get a vertical clit hood piercing. I was afraid that the constant rubbing of the jewelry against the clit could lead to a lack of sensitivity but my piercer reassured me there would be no such problems so i decided to go for it.

I had a spare curved barbell (14ga, 1/2") which i brought for the piercing. Sandra (at Pyewackets, Munich, Germany) disinfected the piercing area, then she put some forceps on the clit hood. That was quite disagreeable because the forceps were hitting my clitoris as she adjusted them.

Then she placed the needle, had me take three deep breaths and through it went. That was really not painful since the clit hood is such a thin skin.
Then she put in the jewelry and i had a wonderful new piercing.

A week later, the 14ga had stretched itself quite far and it looked like growing out, so i got a 12ga 1/2" curved barbell and changed the jewelry. That didn't hurt at all since the hole had stretched itself to a 12ga already. I did my usual salt water soak aftercare, and the piercing was healed in two weeks.

For a time, i was quite happy with the 12ga, but the hole still stretched and the jewelry was too long and to thin to be really fun when playing with it. I got an 8ga 10mm straight barbell and tapered the hole with a knitting needle to get the jewelry in. It's not the best thing to do, and the increase of 4 gauges was quite much, but since the piercing was healed and had stretched itself to an appr. 12ga, i felt safe to do that.

Now i am very happy with my 8ga vert. clit hood. It has improved my sensitivity so that i respond much better to erotic situations - i get "hot" much more easily than before. It has also changed my orgasms, made them more hard and more intensive. This piercing isn't a magic solution for non-orgasmic women, but it has improved my sex life. For me, it was painless and easy to heal - and i just love this piercing.

One more thing on the jewelry: The f.a.q. recommends a curved barbell or a captive bead ring; i have been most happy with a straight barbell - it's just more fun during sex play etc.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Aug. 1997
in Vertical Hood Piercings

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