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Mother's Day Eve, Present

ast Mother's Day I decided to celebrate in a way that had meaning to me as being a mother and a woman. I had decided to "finish" adorning my "womanhood" so to speak. Ok, my pussy. I figured, I spent 31.5 hours in labor trying to push my hard-headed son out only to have an emergency c-section. My son turned his head sideways and therefore was not going to come out unless the doctors blasted by pelvis wide open. So what is a little more pain? I decided to get a Christina and four outer labia piercings. I had spent two months prior researching the Christina and examining myself closely to make sure I could get one and not have it reject. I read and re-read the information and experiences on BME and was still not sure if I could get the Christina, since everyone's anatomy is structured differently. You have to have a ridge to pierce through. What the fuck is a "ridge" and do I have one? was all I could think. I took advantage of one of the sick days (my self-proclaimed "mental Health" day) and headed toward Paragon Piercing. I had to see if I could get a Christina. I was early but Gus was nice enough to let me in to wait while he prepared to open the shop for the day. I then told him that I wanted a Christina. He asked me to describe it and I described it as a piercing of the pubic mound. He came back a few minutes later with his portfolio, opened it to the genital piercings and I was better able to describe and point to the area of where the piercing was to go. he told me that it ws a surface piercing and that there was a chance of it rejecting. All I knew was that I wanted it. Gus could see that in my face. I then told him if he could look to see if I could take one. We went into the piercing room, I dropped my shorts, climbed onto the table and prepared to "spread 'em". Gus had a good look, with the exception of one problem. I needed to shave the area!! I should have known better, everywhere else was either trimmed or shaved. He told me my chances were good, better than he would expect. Off I went kicking myself in the ass for not shaving that area. But I could get it done. Little did I know for that one of my Mother's day presents would be a gift certificate for the Chirstina and the four outer labia piercings. At Paragon Piercing. I got the certificate the very next day. I looked at the date on it and told my friend that I had been there only hours earlier that day, asking if I could get it done. Gus was cool in not saying anything to him as he was purchasing the certificate. Saturday came, Mother's Day Eve. I decided to get it that day. I wanted to spend Mother's Day sleeping and looking at my "presents". I noticed that I had began "nesting", that is cleaning the crap out of my house, much like some expectant mothers do before they give birth. I then took a long hot shower, slathering myself in lavender bath oils and lotions. Almost ritual like. I then called my friend and told him that tonight was the night to get it done. He was on time to pick us up (us being my son, my brother's fiancee and my self) for once. Off we went to Paragon. We arrived and sat in the lounge waiting for Gus to come back from dinner break. He remembered what I was there for. We discussed the amount of piercings I could get at one time (three), jewelry size (12ga for all) and the gift certificate. Gus had ran out of gift certificates, so he made a handmade one. It will get framed when it is fully redeemed. My son had no clue why he was there. He was into reading diving magazines. My friend and I went into the room after Gus prepared everything. I had shaved! Gus prepared the area and was pleased with the mound. You know this piercing does not hurt all that much. it was over in two mintues. Jewelry and all. Now the outer labias. That was somthing else. I looked at my Christina. It was better than I could ever imagined! Gus was impressed also. He even asked me to come back to have a picture taken of it for his portfolio when it is fully healed. I was on cloud nine. I was so happy with it, I could not stop gushing at Gus on how happy I was with the whole experience. The next day and today I have had absolutely no problems with any of the piercings. They go great with the clit hood and inner labia pricings. all I need now is the remaining two outer labia piercings. Then I can jingle when I walk a little louder.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 May 2000
in Other Female Genital Piercings

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Piercing
Location: Honolulu%2C+Hawaii

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