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"You're Morbid and Weird"

When I turned 18 last year I was set to begin getting the piercings I had so patiently been waiting for. I got a VCH a couple of weeks after my birthday, and then the next month I got a vertical labret. The shit hit the fan when I told my parents about my lip. I heard the threat that I'm sure many modified college students have heard before..."We're not going to pay for school if you continue mutilating yourself." The only thing to do at that point was continue to be modified, but choose things that would be hidden from my parents. I had my nipples pierced vertically in November of 2004, and finally after almost a year with no modifications I had my left inner labia pierced this August.

I was going up to Joliet to visit my roommate and I decided to have my labia pierced while I was there for a number of reasons. My usual piercer in Peoria I'm sure would have done a great job, but he dated my roommate last year and I was slightly uncomfortable at the idea of being pants-less in front of him. I had also heard and seen good things about Kivaka on BME, and he'd been my roommate's regular piercer for awhile already.

When we arrived at the studio, we told the receptionist what we were interested in and Kivaka came right out to talk to us about everything. He asked if I'd seen any of his work before and offered me his portfolios to inspect. Once I had expressed certainty in my piercing decision he went back and prepared the area. I believe he had just recently begun piercing at that particular shop because there was no separate room, only dividers he put up around the piercing table to shield it from the tattooing area. Needless to say it was a somewhat awkward situation as I was going to be nude from the waist down and there were people all over on the other side of that small divider. I got over it quickly though considering the only alternative was to leave with no piercing. Everything else about his set up was completely satisfactory and professional. He put on gloves and let me watch him take everything out of its autoclaved packaging. I decided to get my left side pierced and he helped me pick the best looking spot for the CBR to sit. Before I knew it it was time to get pierced. He told me to take a deep breath and let it out once he'd counted to 3, which is when he pushed the needle through. I must admit, it may have been the most painful of my piercings (competing only with my vertical labret). It seemed like the stinging lasted slightly longer with this piercing than with others, but it certainly wasn't unbearable and once the jewelry was in I didn't have any problems with pain for the entire healing process.

As far as healing goes, I didn't do much. I basically just rinsed it in the shower and occasionally rinsed it with saline during the day to keep it clean. I refrained from sexual activity for about 3 weeks and by the time I resumed it was healed well enough that it wasn't a concern. All the piercings I've healed have been in places that get a lot of "action." I believe I've had good luck healing them simply because I've made it a point to abstain from any rough activity in the area during the initial healing period. I know it's difficult, especially because you've just gotten a new toy, but in the long run I think it's worth it because instead of having painful sex for a couple months while the irritated piercing heals, you can abstain for three weeks or so and then never really have to give it another thought.

So my piercing looks great and healed fine...the unfortunate part of my story comes a couple of weeks afterwards. My mother comes to me one day with the aftercare sheet which has written on it what piercing I had done. My dumb ass had left it out in the bathroom. Obviously my mom was irate. She screamed at me that I was morbid and weird and that she and I would never be the mother and daughter we used to be. I was absolutely crushed. Of course I didn't do it to hurt her. It was never going to be an issue because I never thought she would find out. The only thing she wanted to hear was that I would remove it immediately. I removed my hood piercing first because I was honestly afraid she'd check to see if I took out the labia piercing and the last thing she needed to see was another genital piercing. Try as I might I just could not remove the CBR in my labia. I planned on removing it to show it to her and then having my piercer reinsert it the next day. But I had no other choice than to hope she wouldn't check and to just show her a different piece of jewelry. That is exactly what I did and she simply told me to throw it away. She's never mentioned it again.

At the end of the day, I'm happy that I still have my gorgeous inner labia piercing, but I'm hurt to know that my parents have no hope of understanding my genuine interest in body modification as something beautiful, not something morbid or weird.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Inner Labial Piercings

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Artist: Kivaka
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Location: Joliet%2C+IL

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