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Two more friends for my clit ring

Well lets start by me saying that I love piercings. I already have my ears, tongue, nipples, and the hood of my clit pierced. I started getting pierced when I was 17. Then about every couple of months I would go see Kivaka and talk to him about something else that I could get pierced. When I like getting something done I go back for more. Well anyways lets get to the story.

I went to get the hood of my clit pierced for my 18th birthday. It was a present to me from me. I loved the way that it looked. So I started think "Hmmmm I wonder what else I could get pierced." So I asked Kivaka what else is there to get pierced that is going to add some fun to my life. So he started telling me and showing me what else I could get done and that's when he told me about the inner labia piercings. I was kind of scared because I didn't want my stuff to get stretched. I was also a little scared about how sore they would be and for how long.

So I finally decided to get it done. I mean why not? So I finally was ready to get another.... well two more piercings. So I talked to my friend who really wanted to get the hood of her clit pierced too. So finally the day came when we were going to go and get some more piercings... well at least I was going to get more this was going to be her first and as she claimed her only piercings. So we finally got to Tattoo City. We went in and of course we were kind of nervous, but we got over it as soon as we were in the back room. Kathy, my friend, was the first to get pierced. Then finally it was my turn, the moment I was waiting for. It was about three months since my last piercing so I couldn't wait to jump on the table and get pierced.

Kivaka told me step by step what was going to happen just like the last time I went so I knew more or less what was going to be happening. Finally the time came to get pierced. I was a little worried about the pain but I thought that it wasn't going to be as bad as the hood of my clit. He told me to take a deep breath in and out about three times and then on the third it happened. I have to admit that I have a little problem scratching. When he was going through with the needle I dug my nails into the table and scratched the table so hard that I dragged my nails up it leavings scratch marks on both sides. The pain wasn't the worst feeling in the world. In all honesty it was just a little pinch. One down one to go. So then it was time for the next one. Kathy was standing next to me and she was laughing that I clawed up the table so she told me to hold her hand and squeeze instead of scratch. So it was time for the next one. I thought that he was going to take his time but I was wrong it was a lot more faster which was in turn a lot better because I didn't have any time to worry. He did warn me before he pierced me by telling me to take a few breaths and then it was done before I even knew it. So then I paid him and gave him a tip and we talked about the after care and joked around a little.

Then on the way home it felt as if my whole car was vibrating, that's probably because my brother put huge speakers for bass in the back but it was great. The feeling of the piercings all vibrating together was just great. I was only thinking "Wow these feel great I'm so glad I got it done." Then later that day there was a party that I had to go to. When I got there with Kathy she told everyone that we got pierced together. Everyone was really curious about what I got done so it was show and tell time. Well at least for some people. The guys and the girls wanted to know if it hurt and if there is any pleasure and there is. I tried the piercings out a few days later and WOW they were serving their purpose very well. So I recommend to every chick to at least consider getting some kind of piercing below the belt. It will be worth it. If you do go to get pierced go to Tattoo City if you can because Kivaka is a great piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 July 2004
in Inner Labial Piercings

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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