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5th by Kivaka

I had been deciding that I wanted to continue getting piercings after my fourth one. I already had both my nipples pierced and two in my left cartilage, which happen to have stories of their own. I was running out of room to place them. I really didn't want to go the route of getting my eyebrows, labret or any other facial piercing because I wanted to be able to get and keep a job, seeing as most places don't even allow guys to wear one earring. This happened to be the case seeing as I just got hired at a movie rental store, no facial piercings allowed. Earrings don't seem to be a problem. I had thought about possibly getting my penis pierced. and with that being the only area my girlfriend would let me get pierced, I decided to go for it. I had debated what I should have done down there. And with a Prince Albert being a 'wet' piercing. I ruled it out, after hearing a couple stories about them. One of my friends had two frenum piercings done, and was considering more. Upon finding out that it was a 'dry' piercing(not interfering with urinating or ejaculation), I decided to go for a frenum.

I have gone to Kivaka for all my piercings. One of my friends told me that he's really good back in April. Seeing as ** is right down the street, it works out for me. I went there around 2 or 2:30 pm, not too long after they opened. I had other things, like working on my sound system and going to my girlfriends, to do so I had to go early. I was given the form to fill out, by this time I almost had it memorized. While doing that, I followed Kivaka to the back, like always. He's really good with taking out any tension that may be around about possible pain. He assured me it wouldn't hurt near the pain I felt while getting my nipples pierced. He's always seems to be extremely cheerful. He asked me what gauge to go, I assumed the usual was going to be a 12 or 14 ga, so I decided to go 12ga. He pulled a couple out and asked which bar I would like, length wise. I decided to go the shorter route, so I didn't have to worry about it being caught or anything. He opened all the supplies, then told me to lay back and take it out.

First I had to slip it through a hole in some paper, I guess just to keep everything clean. Kivaka then marked 2 dots for the entrance and exit holes, and asked if I liked where it would be going. I haven't really been picky with any of my piercings, so I just agreed and let him proceed. He used the clamp, and told me for the 5th time that the clamp is the worst part. I disagree, I really haven't felt a pain from the clamp, only just the presence of it being there. Kivaka the whole time engaging in pleasant conversation, to help keep the mood light, I guess. He had me breathe in, and then out slowly. On the way out he started to push it through. I made the small mistake of breathing out a little too fast and ran out of breath before it was done. Knowing that holding my breath would only make it worse, I just continued to continue normal breathing like nothing was happening. Then, Kivaka went ahead and put the jewelery in. After the initial rush of pain for a mili-second, I was really surprised on how I didn't even feel it after the jewelery was in. After that I got up from the bed. He asked to make sure I was feeling alright. So I wasn't light headed or anything. He told me at first they can be a little stubborn during the healing process, but as long as you let it fully heal, you can stretch it up to a half inch, which I doubt I'll be doing. I thanked him, paid, and tipped. On the way to the door he jokingly let me know that even though the frenum piercing may make my girlfriend happy, a Prince Albert would be better. After that, I was on my way again.

So far my frenum has been the less of a problem than all the rest, whether getting it done or after care. I am now definitely thinking about getting some more down there, but not for a while. I refuse to go to anyone but Kivaka, and when my girlfriend decides to get her piercings, nose or whatever I convincer her to do, she's not going anywhere else either.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2004
in Frenum Piercings

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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