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Mistress' Surprise: Frenum Piercing At Dungeon

I share ownership of a male slave with three other young married women. For most among us, S&M is a very secret passion, but one Mistress is a"professional" who owns an upscale dungeon in New York. He serves herprivately and also receives formal obedience, Feminization and other training and discipline at her establishment.

About one month earlier, we had all agreed that on June 19 she would announce to the slave that he was to receive a frenum piercing that very evening for a Chastity loop designed to prevent both sex and arousal.

The piercing would accommodate a barbell stud anchoring a severe, flat 5/8-inch diameter upper band and a second smaller ring hanging below for attachment of his leash or weights fitted occasionally for punishment.

Another purpose of the lower band would be to make it more difficult for the slave to have sex or to roll the upper ring over the head of the penis and so gain even limited release from the tight band for simple relief or self pleasure.

Here's a description of the experience, based on the recollections of the slave and the Mistresses who conducted his piercing:

The slave was in the second half of a two-hour session with the Primary Mistress and her lovely assistant, officially his Discipline & Training Mistress, but tonight the "Piercing Mistress."

While both had done countless "play" piercings on slaves who asked for such treatment, this was their first "permanent" piercing. Nevertheless, they talked with experts, practiced and were fully confident in their skills before deciding to proceed. It turned out perfectly. They had plenty of time to prepare. The slave would have only moments.

"Your other Mistresses and I have decided that you will be pierced tonight, to allow for more permanent attachment of your Chastity band," the Primary Mistress said.

The slave was stunned at these words, uttered in matter-of-fact fashion by the young, but all so imperious Mistress.

"Do you accept our decision?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress," the slave responded immediately, but almost in a whisper. Both women smiled in satisfaction and deep feminine pride.

At this Mistress' urging, the slave had been fitted nearly two years earlier with a frenum loop, a metal band that fit tightly around the rim of the penis. Held in place with semi-permanent glue, the Chastity made arousal painful and self limiting.

The Mistress now locked a leather dog collar and chain leash on the slave and put down a thick blue pad on which she directed her patient to lay. For this occasion, she had dressed him in a bra with falsies, a garterbelt and stockings. She herself wore only white silk bikini panties, but she was hardly vulnerable in her near naked state. Quite the contrary. She was in complete control.

The Mistress threaded the grip of the leash onto her right arm so that both hands would remain free during the operation.

Putting the leash on just before the piercing was meant to emphasize to the slave that, exactly as a Mistress might have her dog neutered, we had decided to send our own "pet" to be sexually altered in this, albeit limited, way.

The "Piercing Mistress" brought in the needle and barbell stud that would be inserted through the piercing. They waited in sterilizing solution. Once the wound was sufficiently healed in about one month, the Chastity band itself would be attached to the anchor implanted within the slave's sex.

Both Mistresses now left the room for a moment to rinse their hands in antiseptic solution and put on fresh sterile rubber gloves.

Upon their return, they left the door to the room wide open, explaining that any Mistress walking by was welcome to look in on the proceedings or enter for a close up view. The slave would have preferred privacy, but dare not ask his Mistress to reverse her decision.

A few women did venture into the room at various stages of the process, all smiling in obvious satisfaction at the scene.

The Primary Mistress inspected the penis, fully intact for the last time, and then daubed Betadine solution with a paper towel over the surface to be worked on.

Finally, she moved the head of the Pennington forceps gently over the skin of the frenum until she settled at a suitable location for the piercing. She pulled the skin into proper position within the jaws of the forceps and clamped the device shut.

Assuring herself that the area pinched would allow a deep and straight piercing, she handed the forceps to the second Mistress.

A few minutes later, she resterilized the area and urged the slave to: "Breathe deeply. That will help with the pain, but it will only hurt for a moment."

The slave complied and she quickly pushed the needle through the skin directly at the center of the area clamped by the senior Mistress. Now she released the forceps, carefully separating its ends from the needle set firmly within the penis. She handed the device to the other Mistress who dropped it into the antiseptic.

Once the slave had caught his breath, she put the jewelry into one end of the hollow piercing needle and, after warning him to prepare for another surge of pain, threaded it through the piercing.

Now she used her fingertips to hold the ends of the barbell, imbedded within the penis, and with her other hand dropped the needle into the Betadine for later disposal.

The actual piercing stung terribly, but the threading through of the bar hurt far less. In both cases, however, the pain was short lived.

Once the barbell was threaded through the penis and the bolts at either end were twisted shut by the Mistress, there was little additional pain. To the slave's great surprise, there was barely any bleeding during the entire procedure.

"It's quite a rush, isn't it?" asked the Mistress who had done the actual piercing. At the question, the slave brought his eyes down to her sex to see the ring embedded in her clitoral hood. She had removed her panties just before the operation began. It was a subtle effort to remind the slave that she had survived a piercing and that, what's good for the Mistress is good for her slave

Knowing she was to perform the slave's piercing this evening and long curious about the art in general, the Mistress had herself professionally pierced for the ring just one month earlier. It was still quite sensitive, but lovely.

Unlike the Mistress' piercing, designed to intensify her sexual pleasure, the slave's device because of the extremely restrictive band the Mistresses intended to attach was meant to make arousal painful and sex nearly impossible.

"Yes, Mistress, it's a strange but not unpleasant feeling," the slave answered.

"It's the endorphins," the Mistress said with a smile, adding that "you're fortunate your Mistresses did not tell you that you were to be pierced. Since I planned my own, I knew exactly when it was to occur and I was very nervous as the date approached. With you it was all over in moments."

"I'm also grateful that the operation was performed by you and that it's finally over" the slave responded.

We had told the slave that his piercing was inevitable since it was essential to us that the Chastity band be properly and almost certainly, permanently, anchored. The only real question was when this would occur and this was a question for the Mistresses alone.

As for the slave's gratitude that these two women in particular performed the piercing, that also was genuine. Despite the fact that they were extremely strict Mistresses, they also were warm, sensitive, intelligent women whom the slave truly admired.

That's why the Primary Mistress had decided that she and her assistant would pierce the slave at her dungeon rather than taking him to the strange, impersonal setting of a professional piercing studio to have this necessary operation performed.

Since the Mistresses had intended that a leash hook be attached to the bottom of the ring, the Mistress had selected a deeper-than-normal incision also a bit higher up on the penis, just below the crown.

This made the piercing more painful than most of its kind. However, the depth and placement of the Chastity's anchoring bar would make it more effective and lessen the chance for tearing of the skin from the use of the lower leash/weight attachment ring.

Five weeks later, the Primary Mistress attached the Chastity band to the slave's anchoring stud. In September, she sealed the rings on permanently.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in BME/HARD Fiction Stories

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