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My Apadravya Piercing

December fifth of two-thousand and four will be a day I will always remember. I had been into in the past with a friend of mine when he was "breaking his cherry" to tattoos. I was bored out of my mind while my buddy was getting inked so I began conversation with Kivaka. We initially talked about where I am from, Kenosha, WI. and eventually began to talk about piercings, a topic that intrigues me. I have had both nipples done, a 2g tongue ring, rook, lobes, and Frenum. I am really into piercing as an expression of ones self and the entire experience including the amazing adrenaline rushes that I get.

Kivaka impressed me while I was sitting waiting for my friend. He was talking to potential customers who walked into the shop. He really knows his information about body piercing and is very confidant in himself and his skills. This is an important quality I look for in anyone doing work on my body. After talking back and forth with Kivaka online for a while about getting the Apadravya preformed (a vertical glands piercing), I opted to take a drive down on a Sunday and go through with it. I looked around at other shops in Wisconsin to do the piercing (all of which didn't impress me like Kivaka and had done). On the ride down I called a few close friends that knew about my old Frenum piercing and told them I was going to get some new jewelry in the penis. By telling my friends this, it insured that I wouldn't "puss-out."

Arriving at the shop, Kivaka greeted me at the door and asked how my ride down was. It was long and boring, and I didn't lie. It definitely provided a lot more time than I had needed to think about the "what-ifs" and "how's this going to feel." He asked me if I had eaten and when I said no he told me I would need to. I again jumped back in my car and headed on out for some hot dogs down the road. I came back, ate, filled out the release form, and asked a bunch of questions trying to brace myself for the piercing. I was glad Kivaka didn't even attempt to "sugar coat" things, he came right out and said that the Apadravya was definitely a lot worse than the Frenum. He was honest and answered every one of my questions.

Kivaka already did all his prep work prior to calling me into the piercing room. After I walked back into the room, I laid out on the table plopping my penis right on out. Kivaka did an amazing time talking to me, explaining exactly what he was doing and keeping me as calm as I could be at the time. A series of marks were made to ensure the piercing was in the perfect place. My heart was thumping really hard by this time and my hands were clenched together anticipating the worst. The clamps were pulled out of the sterile package and strategically placed on the marks made. Some readjustments were made to assure they were precise.

After making sure everything was ready and in place, Kivaka asked if I was ready. I don't think I could've been given the situation but I was as ready as I would ever be so I gave him the go-ahead. He instructed me to breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth, in and out, in and out. On my exhale the insertion was made. The needle penetrated through my penis and a feeling went through my body words can't explain. It was extremely painful, yet so amazing. It was such a release and such a high.

The jewelry went in next, which went very nicely. I didn't feel any pain except for the initial poke which is exactly what Kivaka told me would happen. The ball was screwed on the end of the jewelry and he began to explain what I should to as far as aftercare. He gave me a sheet which explained everything that he said. He made sure I wasn't light headed and felt okay to leave, which I did.

I thanked Kivaka for the piercing, though I couldn't express just how thankful I was at the time. My Apadravya piercing is by far my favorite and I couldn't be happier with it or the piercer. I've been to other piercers before and Kivaka is by far the nicest and best piercer out there. If you are in or around the Chicago land area I would highly suggest going to see Kivaka at Advanced Studios in Joliet, Illinois. I will continue to make the ride from Kenosha, WI. to Lockport, IL. anytime I get a new piercing and will recommend Kivaka to anyone who is looking to get pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Dec. 2004
in Apadravyas

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+Illinois

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