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Piercing Addiction

My girlfriend got me into piercing. My first piercing was done in October at the Alley in Chicago. Scott did an awesome job on my industrial. After that I had a desire to get some more work done and decided I had to get my lobes pierced. It just seems like for any serious ear piercing you need to have your lobes done to start with. I ended up going to the mall and buying a 12g hollow piercing needle and 14g curved barbells. After that I started looking at what else I could do. Since I still live at home with my parents and they are paying for my college, I have to abide by their rules. They flipped over my current piercings so that made me start looking at less visible stuff. I eventually got my nipples done and was hooked from then on. I like the idea of getting a more extreme piercing. Even though I told myself i would NEVER get my dick pierced, I slowly started to want to get something done.

I started looking at the different options and talking to different people. One of my co-workers told me he had an apadravya done about 7 years ago. I had never heard of it so when I got home I quickly checked it out. The piercing just looked like it would please a female better than a PA. I decided if I'm going to go through this I might as well get something that she will enjoy also. I told my g/f that I wanted to get it done and she told me I was crazy. She asked me to wait till after new years. I knew that if I didn't get it done ASAP I would never get it done. Knowing this I went to my piercer the very next day which happened to be the day after Christmas.

I walked in to the shop and said hi to Larry the owner. He asked me what I was here for today. I said I wanted to get a piercing. He asked me what and I kind of smiled and pointed toward my crotch. He was tattooing an older man who just looked at me, smiled and shook his head like I was insane. Kivaka my piercer came out and I told him what I wanted. He handed me the forms and immediately heading into the back to prepare. Once I signed everything I was escorted back and sat on the table. I asked him first if he could but the beads in my cbr on my ears. He did that first and then asked me to drop my pants. After a bit of marking and checking the holes were lined up.

Now came the clamps. The clamps stung. He grabbed the needle and said ok breathe in and when you exhale I'll go. I looked down and my adrenaline just shot through the roof. I told him to hold on a minute. He gave me a look like you can't be serious. Your going to chicken out at this point? He asked me if we were going to do this. I said yes and started to breathe. What came next was the most intense 5 seconds ever.

The needle started to go through and I yelled really REALLY loud. I heard the tattoo machines and small conversations outside just stop. Finally the pain went away. I asked is it through. He said no and grabbed the pusher. He told me to breathe again and I did. He started pushing and I yelled again. He inserted the jewelry and told me to stay lying down. He asked if I was all right and told him I was just really light headed. He proceeded to clean up and make small talk. I walked out of the room and everyone just looked. My friend that came with me just shook his head like your fuggn crazy man. The guy getting the tattoo just smiled laughed and shook his head. Larry just looked at me and said your hardcore man.

Talking to my friend afterwards I found out every guy in the place winced in sympathy when I screamed. There was a teenage girl asking about a belly button piercing with her mother and she kind of went pale when I screamed. I have to say that even though it stung really badly, it only hurt for 5 seconds and I would do it again. Now I am going to get a frenum done and am also considering getting a ladder. I have definitely become addicted to piercings. It has added some sensation for myself during sex, but it isn't anything hugely different. My girlfriend likes it. In fact I remember the first time we had sex with it she told me to never ever take it out.

The bleeding only lasted for 3 or 4 days, and it was sore for a while. It only hurt when it was hit or I became hard. I would highly recommend this piercing to anyone who wants to get something done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 March 2004
in Apadravyas

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Suburbs+of+Chicago

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