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Defying the odds of rejection

t honestly remember when it was that I first thought about getting a pubic piercing - only that it was ages ago! I'd seen pictures, which had convinced me that it was visually very attractive, but I didn't know anyone who'd actually seen one 'in the flesh'. I think it was probably when I was having my navel ring or my PA stretched, just over a year ago, that I first actually asked about getting a pubic ring. The reply I got? "Yes, I've done them, but they do reject: I don't know anyone who's got one and managed to keep it. I think you'd just be wasting your money." I appreciated the truth but was discouraged, and put the idea to the back of my mind. I suppose it just kept nagging away at me, though, so at the beginning of last month (November 2000) I decided, having thought about it all weekend, to give it another shot. I took my razor and shaved off as much of my pubic hair as I could. I'd done this a couple of times before, and had quite liked the effect, but hadn't kept it shaved permanently. Now, though, I thought, the piercer would need to see what was where! It was not until the Tuesday that I finally decided to take the plunge. I went along to 'Piercing World' in Nuneaton, where I work, in my lunch hour. "Do you ever do pubic piercings?", I asked, hesitantly. "Brian does those", was the reply, "but they don't take!" I stood there, still feeling a little discouraged and unsure. "If you really want one, I can get him to come in - it'll be at 10.30 in the morning". I explained that I could only come at lunchtime, since I'm always at work during the morning, but I think she must have sensed how keen I was, for she offered me an appointment for 12.15 the following day. The rest of the day I spent wondering what I'd let myself in for - whether I was doing the right thing. I'd become used to deciding on a piercing and getting it on the spot - the 'appointment' idea was giving me the jitters slightly. But the following day I was ready. I arrived to find Brian preparing everything, assisted by Lucy, the regular piercer, who'd re-done my nipple ring for me six months previously. I'd just assumed the studio had a 'same sex' policy for genital piercings, but I can't say it would have bothered me at all; for me it's experience, hygiene and professionalism that count. Before we started, I got a replay of the "You know this might not be sucessessful" thing. Which I appreciated - it showed realism and honesty. But by now I'd made up my my mind. I dropped my trousers and underpants and climbed up onto the couch. He took a few minutes looking around to assess the best placement. We chatted away: I asked him what the real likelihood of rejection was, but he said he couldn't really say as not that many clients came back to report on progress. Shame, really. It turned out that I hadn't got quite enough loose skin right at the base, so we went for a spot about an inch up, where there would be more to anchor it - he wanted to go for a deep pierce to minimize the chances of rejection. He marked the spots and I took a look; I thought it was a bit crooked. Try again - that's it! He sprayed the spot with anaesthetic freeze and clamped it. I watched, rather fascinated, as I hadn't actually seen any of my other piercings being done - I'd always been laying too far back. I did lay back as the needle went in, however, not knowing quite what to expect. I'd say the pain was second only to a nipple being done - but that's just my impression. In any case it was over in just a second or two, and before I knew it I could look up to see my new ring already in place. It was oozing blood very slightly, but just enough to give Brian trouble putting the ball in place - his fingers seemed to be very slippery. Just I was starting to feel a bit nervous and uncomfortable, he turned to Lucy and said: "Here, you have a go, your fingers are smaller than mine". Success! And that was it - we were done. I was given some paper tissues to protect it for the first few hours. I'd brought some boxers with me to change into in case they'd be more suitable than the ordinary briefs I'd got on, but Brian said no - what I'd got on was fine. He gave me some antiseptic lotion saying that it should be OK, but if I found it was stinging too much, to use salt water instead. Did I shower or bath? Bath, I said. That would be fine - just add a spoonful of sea-salt into the water every day. Back at work that afternoon it started to feel really uncomfortable - it got to the point wher I could neither stand up nor sit down without being acutely aware of its presence. It's something I hadn't really experienced with any of my other piercings. Just I was beginning to wonder if I'd made a huge mistake, though, it started to diminish: looking back, I'd say this lasted about an hour and a half - probably as a result of the anaesthetic wearing off? Other than that, it's been fine. I've felt the odd twinge - particularly when riding my bike, if I crouch over at an awkward angle. That's been less and less noticeable as time goes on, I have to say. It's healing nicely - the antiseptic lotion stung like hell, so I went straight onto the salt water - and it felt no more than tender for just a day or two. I've had it for almost five weeks now, and I can't detect any obvious sign of migration. That may yet happen, but overall, I'm delighted with it. Although it's visual rather than 'fuctional' I've got to say that it does at times transmit a rather nice tingling sensation as well. Excellent!


submitted by: Don
on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Pubic Piercings

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Piercing+World
Location: Nuneaton%2C+UK

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