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From Fantasy to Reality

rst time I saw a PA without even knowing that's what it's called was in a scene from a 1987 Buckshot video starring Tom Lee. In that scene he had a captive bead ring dangling from the end of his dick. I couldn't believe what I saw! I was mesmerized. Was it real? How was it done? Was it permanent and why would anyone do it? Although I found it unbelievable, I also thought it very erotic and beautiful. I actually admired the guy for having one. At the time, however, I didn't say to myself I wanted one. After all I didn't even know what it was called and I certainly didn't know how it was done or where I could get one. However, the seed was planted. Later in another video I rented there was quite unexpectedly a scene where a guy gets several piercings including a PA. Again the name of the piercing was not mentioned, but the whole procedure was shown. I was amazed how simple it was. I had envisioned that a surgical procedure was necessary. He too had a captive bead ring put in, which gave me the idea that it was rather permanent. The video also gave the impression that this was something done secretly and underground. The next time I saw a PA in a video the actor was wearing a circular barbell. I was again fascinated. I began to rent videos with that actor in it just to see his PA. When I noticed that in some scenes he wore the circular barbell and in others he didn't, the thought occurred to me that it was possible to remove the jewelry. The circular barbell also suggested that. After that I became more comfortable with the idea of getting one for myself. I then discovered BME and began to read all the experiences posted and to look at the photos. The information from others' experiences cleared up misconceptions I had had. I now began to seriously contemplate getting a PA for myself. Body piercing had become more popular since I first saw those early videos and it was easier to find a studio to have it done. From fantasizing about having one I had now inched closer to making it a reality. I'm in my fifties and considered a very serious and conservative person. Even I found it hard to believe that I would actually seriously consider having my penis pierced. Yet it was a turn on. I also went to other piercing sites on the Internet to look at photos and to get more information. I found a body piercing studio in Honolulu whose owner was a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. I wanted to make sure the studio was clean and took all the precautions. I called to ask questions and even visited the studio once, but I wasn't ready then to have it done. I told myself I should have it done on a Friday evening so I would have Saturday and Sunday to recover and if Monday were a holiday that would be even better. I kept thinking of various holiday weekends, but I always had some activity that made them unsuitable. This contemplating went on for over a year. I just never got up enough nerve to go and do it. Well, fantasy has turned into reality! I finally had the guts to do it! I've had my PA now for almost two weeks. I had taken a two-week vacation and had just returned from a trip to the mainland U.S. I had one day left in my vacation before going back to work. I told myself that this was the time to get it. I phoned Paragon Body Piercing in the morning, but learned they didn't open till 12 noon. This was the same studio I had visited over a year earlier to inquire, but didn't have the guts then to have it done. I waited till after 12 and called again and was told to come down. Gus, the owner and piercer, was very friendly and knowledgeable. I told him I wanted a PA and he showed me an album of photos of various piercings to make sure I was clear on what I wanted. I told him that I had been thinking of getting a PA for a long time. He asked me if I had read about PAs on BME and I told him I had. We then discussed the jewelry and sizes. He showed me the captive bead rings and the circular barbells in 12ga, 10ga and 8ga. He discussed with me the pros and cons of the CBR and the CBB. I wanted the CBB because it was easier to remove. Amazingly enough I decided to get an 8ga piercing although a lot of guys start with 12ga or 10ga. I think reading the accounts on BME gave me the confidence to go for the 8ga. While the jewelry was being sterilized he had me sign the release form and read over the aftercare instructions. When everything was ready Gus took me back to the room where he would do the piercing. It was very clean and was like a doctor's examining room including the padded examination table with the sheet of white paper down the center. Gus asked if I was a little nervous and I said yes though knowing what was going to happen lessened the anxiety. I was surprisingly very calm and comfortable with the whole idea. He had me take down my pants and briefs enough to expose the area and then had me lie back on the table as he pulled out an extension for my legs to rest on. He wore latex gloves the whole time. He cleaned the area to be pierced and unlike others who've said their penis shrank as if in fear of what was going to be done to it, I felt mine begin to swell. He told me that he would have to pierce me to the left of my frenum and marked the spot. As he prepared the insertion tube, he said he assumed I had read about the tube on BME, which I had. He said it could be the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure. Like others I felt a slight sting as the tube was inserted into my urethra. He told me to take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. As I exhaled he pushed the needle through. I wasn't expecting it since most of the accounts on BME said they took three deep breaths and it was on exhaling the third time that they were pierced. I have to say I hardly felt anything at all. There really was no pain and it was over in seconds. The sting from the insertion tube was more noticeable than the needle going in. A flu shot was more painful. I looked down and saw the needle coming out the tip of my urethra. Gus put the jewelry in and I had my PA! By now my penis was in an erect state, but Gus throughout the whole procedure made you feel very comfortable and I was not made to feel embarrassed. In fact he told me that because of my erection he was able to confirm that the 5/8 " diameter of the circular barbell was the right size and gave me enough room. He had me remain lying down and we chatted about different things. Before disposing of the needle Gus asked if I would like to see it. I'm glad I saw the needle after the piercing and not before. He told me that he liked working with the 8ga needles as they were very sharp and easy to work with. Finally he took a paper towel, folded it into threes and wrapped it around by dick. He had me hold the paper towel in place as he put a latex glove over it and secured it with a rubber band. He asked me if I had read about the bleeding. I had, of course. He told me to expect it to bleed and not to be alarmed. He told me to let it heal and not to play with it for at least 2 weeks. I asked him what I should do the next day when I had to go back to work. He told me to wrap it with a paper towel and to take a length of toilet paper and stuff the toilet paper in my briefs. I asked about urinating standing up and he advised that I sit. I have since managed both ways. I got up and put on my jeans. We went to the front to have me pay and also to go over the aftercare instructions one more time. I picked up some antibacterial soap and some sea salt for the soak from the shop as well. I thanked Gus and off I went to pick up some plastic cups for soaking the piercing in sea salt and warm water. When I got in the car after buying the cups, I noticed a small blood stain at the edge of my T-shirt. I hadn't noticed it before and I knew Gus had been extra careful not to get blood on it. Anyway I could easily wash it off in cold water. When I got home and took off my shirt I was shocked to find that blood had soaked through the front of my jeans and that was what had stained the shirt. I had been walking through a store with blood soaked jeans! It's a good thing my T-shirt was long enough to cover it and it went unnoticed. My briefs were soaked as well and so was the paper towel dressing. Very little blood had dripped into the glove. I guess capillary action is what caused it to soak through my clothing. I took a shower and changed the paper towel and my jeans and briefs, which I soaked in cold water. There wasn't that much blood after that including during the night until the next morning when I took a shower. I thought everything was fine until blood started dripping onto the shower floor. Fortunately it stopped and I wrapped my dick in folded toilet paper instead of the paper towel and stuffed more TP into my briefs. I made it through that Friday at work and then came the weekend. The bleeding stopped by Saturday and I didn't have to wrap it any longer. I have been faithfully soaking it in a sea salt and water solution each night. It's healing very nicely. Whenever I look at my penis and see the circular barbell dangling from it, I'm in awe of myself that I finally had the guts to do it. I'm really stoked. I love the look of it. It's hot! It's beautiful! I'm very at ease and comfortable with it. It has become a part of me. Gus told me that if I give it time to heal and take care of it, it will give me a lifetime of fun. I'm certainly going to have that. For anyone in Honolulu, I recommend Gus and Paragon very highly. Like the many others who've already said it, I'll end by saying that if you're thinking of getting a PA, "Go for it!"


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Prince Alberts

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Body+Piercing
Location: Honolulu%2C+HI

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