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P.A. in Paradisse

e been drawn to body piercing for a while. I had my left ear pierced while I was in high school and over the years added more holes eventually getting my right ear pierced about a year after entering the Navy. That made for some interesting healing. While living in California I started to see lots of people with other body parts pierced however as I was still in the Navy that made many body piercing's difficult to have heal. I tried a naval piercing but since I surfed every day that wouldn't heal very well and eventually I abandoned it. Fate and the Navy dragged me away from the U.S. for a few years however during that time I discovered BME on the internet. I spent many hours looking at all of the different piercing's below the neck especially nipples and the PA. Where I was stationed however had a lousy selection of body piercers (one) and the vibe was all wrong for me so I put it off. Upon moving to Hawaii I started to look around and found a few studios that felt right but I ended up having to go to school stateside for a few months so yet again a postponement. While at school I saw a number of folks with various piercings. Including one guy with brand new nipple piercings who's piercer gave him no aftercare instructions. I down loaded some instructions from BME for him which cleared up an infection that he was getting. That ruled out the only piercer I found while there. I had been debating whether to get a PA or my nipples done and had decided on my nipples because my wife was really against a PA. Mostly just for knee jerk conservative reasons not anything in particular. However a friend there asked me why that should matter as it is my body not hers. That got me to reconsider that PA. When I returned to Hawaii I began again to checkout piercing studios before finally settling on Paragon in general and Gus in particular. Turns out he's an ex-navy diver so that made me fell even better. After setting up a semi appointment for last Friday I waited the three day in anticipation. I got to the studio about a half hour after opening so the only folks there were me and my wife along with Gus the counter girl and a guy that I guess is an apprentice though I'm not sure about him. I talked about what I wanted filled out the paperwork and headed back to the room. The room I entered looked for all the world to be a clinic exam room. Even my wife (who's an RN) thought it was clean. Gus asked that I put my backpack on the floor, stay away from the counter and have a seat on the proverbial hospital bed/table (compete with stirrup's). Watching him set up again reminded me of a clinic. one set of gloves for all the set up. Those went in the trash. Then he had me drop my trunks and he donned another set of gloves to clean and size me. 3/4" 12ga, though he did kid me about piercing me with an 8ga (that needle was huge I would have chickened out if that was my only choice). Another change of gloves and then we started the procedure. Inserting the receiving tube was the worst. Even though I knew it was going to be bad I wasn't ready for it. Once that was in he had me take a deep breath. Which immediately caused me to exhale everything in my lungs. Ten seconds later he said no take a deep breath and finally I did as I exhaled he pushed the needle through and I swear I levitated off the table a good two inches from the jolt that went through me. Not really pain though. Next came the removal of the receiver tube (more unpleasantness) and then nothing I honestly didn't feel it when he put in the ring. I felt the rush of endorphins that everyone talks about and if I hadn't really paid attention to him I would have missed all of his aftercare instructions. I did get most of what he said about bleeding and wrapping it up. before I went back out front to pay up. The girl there was very nice and repeated the after care instruction again (thankfully) I paid my $65 dollars (extremely reasonable IMHO) gave Gus a tip and was on my way to the drug store for some liquid Dial and Saline solution. My wife was impressed with their sterile technique (something she is quite serious about) She later told me she would have stopped it if she had seen anything that looked unsafe/nonsterile. It bled often though not heavily throughout the day. I had an adrenaline crash about two hour later and slept for a few hours before going to work. My first trip to the bathroom wasn't the painful experience that most folks seem to have actually it was rather anti-climatic mostly just a hassle of having to re wrap the piercing with a dressing. Today it rained all day (yes even in Hawaii the weather is sometimes bad) so I spent all day in a parea (a tropical scarf-like cloth worn like a skirt) and soaking in kosher salt and water. Bleeding stopped this morning and other than a little blood (less than a drop) this evening I figure it's all but stopped. I can't wait to have it heal up. All in all I had a good experience though I do wish I didn't have to work last night (such is life) Gus and the folks at Paragon were great. I would recommend them to anyone. If you visit O'ahu and you want to take home more than just a tan and some pineapples Check out Paragon Piercing, you won't go wrong


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Prince Alberts

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Piercing
Location: Honolulu

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