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The OO ga

rst I heard of a Prince Albert was seeing one in a magazine about 17 years ago. I said, "Geeze, how could anyone do that?", but the rise I got belied the comment. Over the next 15 years I'd think of it from time to time; had sexual fantasies about having a Prince Albert in my cock. Then just over a couple of years ago I saw a large Prince Albert first hand. That gave me the nudge I needed. I asked that guy about it. He seemed to like the idea of explaining his own procedure, assured me that there was little or no pain involved and that it healed quickly. I gave the idea more thought. Became an internet junkie looking for information on genital piercing and for photos of PA's and other piercings. I discussed the idea with a friend who suggested I see Gus at A Provocative Piercing. He'd been to Gus' studio a few times for some tattoo work and said that Gus knew his stuff. Finally I thought I had enough information on getting and keeping a PA that decided to see Gus. With some trepedation, I went down to Gus' studio on Ala Moana Blvd to check things out more systematically. I gawked around in the studio looking at the body jewelry and kinda thinking about my desire to get a PA. Gus assured me that there's be little pain and any discomfort would not likely last more than a week. So I asked about making an appointment and he said, hang on about 20 minutes and I'll get to you. He was having dinner out on the deck at the time. Gus went into the studio and called me in, began talking to me about this and that as he scrubbed up, gloved up and got out the tools. He had me lie down on a padded bench and had me spread my legs. He fiddled with my tool explaining that he was checking my urethral opening--it was big enough--checking to see which side of my freenum was best for the piercing and making sure that the piercing would not interfere with the movement of my foreskin. When he had everything prepared, he had me start breathing deeply, breathing in and out slowly. When I was beginning to wonder if he was going to do anything at all--about 30 seconds in reality--I felt a slight pop in my penus. He said, ok now for the ring--I'd selected a 12ga curved barbell (12ga at his recommendation)--I didn't want a single bead ring because I wanted to be able to take it out if I changed my mind. Boy, I changed my mind about that! He wrapped my penis and put the proverbial rubber glove on, explained the after care procedures and suggested no sex for at least 48 hours. The bleeding stopped within 12 hours, but I'd managed to masturbate within 8 hours--couldn't resist, couldn't resist. The after care instructions were simple and easy to follow. Urination was part of the healing process and at most would cause a light sting the first time I took a leak. Well that didn't happen, no sting the first time or thereafter. Cleaning the opening in the shower with a light, non-shampoo soap was a must to avoid chemical sting. Rinsing the pierce very well of all soap then coating it with betadine, and working the PA around in the pierce would reduce the rist of infection and advance the healing process. Showering, bathing, etc., proved to be more sensual than ever with that little ring to fiddle with and look at. Any way, within 6 days, it looked to be completely healed. Though I continued with the non-shampoo soap and the betadine routine for two weeks, by the end of the first week there was no sign of rawness and the ring moved easily through the hole throught the day. Gus had told me not to take the ring out for 30 days or so, so the hole would be stable. I didn't follow that instruction as I should have: had to see a urologist and took the ring out before I went to the doctor's office. When I tried to put the ring back in about two hours later, I was having all kinds of trouble and was thinking I'd have to go back and have Gus put the darned thing back in. I was trying to insert the ring through the pierce hole just below my glans and I just couldn't make it work. Finally I had the sense to start through the urethra and it slipped right in without resistence. Oh, I soon realized that I wanted a bigger guage ring so it would dangle and give me little titilations of pleasure wearing boxer shorts or no underwear at all. The first time I tried to upsize, the guy at the studio offered to insert it for me, but I decided I'd brave it out. Fortunately I stretch well because over the two years since I had the 12GA PA inserted, I went to 10ga, then to 8ga, 6ga, 4ga, 2, 0 and am up to an 00 ga. I have a nice picture of that OOga! When I bought the 00ga PA, the woman in the studio asked if she could insert it for me!

Since then I've had my nipples pierced--but that's another story, and am getting the yen to have another genital piercing soon. Maybe a little Christmas present for myself. I've found that my sex partners have enjoyed the PA in many ways and it can really enhance sex and daily living--love the heavy dangle of the 00ga PA. One thing that made the piercing experience memorable is that on the way home with my new PA, some idiot rear ended me at a stop light and drove away before I could get out of the car. Ah, well, I still love that PA.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Oct. 1999
in Prince Alberts

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Artist: Gus
Studio: A+Provocative+Piercing
Location: 1825+Ala+Moana+Blvd%2C+Honolul%2C+HI

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