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You always remember your first one

one this in the wrong order, really. I mean, I've already written about my nipple piercings, which I had re-done at Easter this year, and about my navel, which I had done the following month, but my PA - the one which started it all off - I'm only just now getting round to writing up. Ah well, better late than never, as they say! It was the late summer of 1992. I'd read about body piercing in, of all places, a library book, and although I'd come across the idea before, this was the first detailed account I'd read - especially of a PA: where exactly it went, what it involved, all the advantages and disadvantages - except that as far as I could see, there weren't any disadvantages. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and by the autumn I was hooked; my birthday's in October and I thought what a fantastic birthday present it would make to myself! At that time there were only two local places - tattoo parlours actually - that did body piercing as a sideline. The first one I checked out had no suitable rings in stock, and wouldn't be getting any in for another fortnight. The other one said he could get hold of one by the following day - but it would have to be a gold one. Looking back on it, I suspect he was just checking me out to see if I was serious enough to go through with it, but at the time it was all the encouragement I needed. I turned up the next morning (11am I think) and was treated to a vision of this lovely shiny ring that was shortly to become a part of me. After all this time, I can't really remember the exact details of the procedure. I had to undo my my jeans and take my underpants down; any fears I might have had about having an involuntary hard-on dissipated on the spot. I really cannot conceive of anything less erotic! I do remember being reassured that what looked like a window was in fact a one-way mirror (after all, I didn't want to become the unwitting star in some sort of porno flick). Other than that, the other thing that stands out in my mind is being given an injection of a local anaesthetic. Being at that point a complete novice, it honestly never occurred to me that such things may legally only be given by someone qualified - and I'm pretty sure he wasn't. Be that as it may, the result was that although it may seem illogical to use a needle to numb the pain of another needle, the procedure itself was totally painless. I'm afraid I really can't now remember anything much about it, apart from getting home, unwrapping it from the protective paper towelling, and thinking "Wow: I did it!" The bleeding lasted, as far as I recollect not more than a couple of days at the most, diminishing all the time. From my days as a schoolboy studying chemistry I remembered that one of the basic constituents of 'pee' is uric acid, and that acid on a sore spot or a wound produces a stinging sensation. I correctly guessed that the key to looking after my new piercing was to drink as much liquid as posible, in order to reduce and dilute the level of acidity and thus the intensity of the sting, and I'm pleased to say that it worked. I used an old toothmug, half-filled with warm water, to rise it off with every time I needed to use the toilet; only once did I accidently knock my new ring against the side of the beaker. OUCH!!! I think it must have been just into the third week when I succumbed to the inevitable desire to "test-drive" my new piercing: I was not disappointed! That was the moment when the the temporary discomfort all became worthwhile, and I became convinced I had made the right decision. As time went by I got used to the strange, but nice, feeling of having it inside me. I had my nipples pierced the following spring: that turned into something of a disaster, so it wasn't until later - much later - the spring of this year in fact, that I thought of having my PA stretched to take a bigger ring. I went along to Piercing World in Nuneaton, where I'd had my nipples re-done, to see about it. The answer was simple, according to the woman who I assumed was the shop's proprietress, you just take the old one out, and gently replace it with the new, bigger one. I visibly paled at the thought of this, at which point the piercer who'd done my nipples offered to do it for me. I jumped at the chance. I said I wasn't bothered about having another gold one - in fact I didn't really like gold jewellery anyway. My original ring was a 2mm or 12ga; I could go for a 2.5mm or 3mm (8ga). I opted for the bigger one, and we went into the piercing area. The first step, obviously, was to take the old one out. He'd already remarked that it was tarnished, but he seemed to be having a real struggle removing it; I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. Finally it was out; it was then a relatively quick process to replace it with the new one. That afternoon, I took the precaution of drinking lots of water, as I'd done originally, but that turned out to be unnecessary - there was no stinging sensation at all. The other precaution I took - sitting down to it - was far more useful; the spray went absolutely everywhere! It felt bruised for a couple of days, but no more. I liked the feel of a bigger ring, and after I'd had my nipple rings stretched, and my navel pierced, I decided it was time to move another step forward. A few weeks later I went back and said I'd like to take my PA up a size. This time the answer was that I'd have to do it myself - Piercing World wouldn't do the bigger rings for me. At first I was disappointed, but then I remembered that a friend at work who'd had a belly button piercing had recommended a place in Birmingham - not that far away. That Saturday, I went in on the train, and found it: Toxic Shop, in the Bull Ring shopping centre. It was really busy, so I queued for a couple of minutes until it was my turn. -"I'd like to have a PA stretched, please", I asked -"Yeah, what size have you got now?" -"Er, 3 mm, I think" -"So what size do you want?" -"A 4?" He rummaged in a tray of jewellery behind the counter, pulled out a ring, and shouted to another assistant at the other end of the counter "WILL THIS DO FOR A P A?" Back came the reply: "YES THAT'S FINE FOR A P A!" All the time I was stood there cringing, thinking: "Right, tell the whole shop, why don't you" Then I came to my senses, realised no-one else was paying any attention, and even if they were, they were probably there for the same reason I was! It's a great place for losing your inhibitions. I paid for the new ring (nine pounds), and sat on a chair in a waiting area until it was my turn. It was only a minute or two before I was ushered into a small room with white walls and ceiling, and a bench or couch on one side. It reminded me of the times I'd had to go down to the hospital for a blood test. The white-jacketed piercer came in, and started to prepare his tools. -"Do you want to get yourself ready then?" I removed my jeans and underpants, and laid back on the bench, as relaxed as I could. He came over, slid back my foreskin and swiftly removed the existing ring. Then came the stretch. To say it hurt has got to be the biggest understatement ever. In the end I just screamed "Oh God!" I just couldn't help it. At that point he said: "There, that's done the stretch", and simply slipped the new ring in and fastened it up around its ball. At the time I was thinking "Never mind a stretch, it feels like you've cut the thing in half!", but he didn't comment on my indiscretion: perhaps he just thought "Oh no, not another wuss!", and was used to it. I got the next train home, finding to my dismay that instead of the pain subsiding, it got worse, so much so that I began to fear the worst. What if my equipment had got permanently damaged? How was I going to explain it? It took all my powers of mind-over-matter to tell myself "Don't be stupid - he's done sixteen of those already this week - yours isn't going to be the one he suddenly stuffs up on!" Needless to say, the discomfort soon went, and although for a while I felt my foreskin getting pinched from such a big ring, and I have to be careful when using a public toilet because of its visibility compared to its predecessors, I'm glad I had it done. I do like the feeling of that little bit of extra weight when it "hangs loose", and I'd be lost without it. Whether I'd ever want to go to the the next size up I really don't know - but I'm tempted. One thing's for sure: I now know how addictive piercings really are!


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