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Pierced nipples, sometimes I wish I had a pair of pliers

In a few days I will have had my nipple piercings for three weeks. I have been to hell and back. I love it, and I hate it.

I got my piercing on my birthday and I wish I had reasearched more on nipple piercings. I was aware of what migration was, and what rejection was. The risks of infections and so forth. Now until you actually have your nipples pierced you cannot really gauge how it will go.

Prior to having my nipples pierced I had my ears pierced 6 times, (three in each hole) by a piercing gun at a mall both over the years. I also had my sister pierce my ears with the piercing studs. So 8 in each ear, and last year I got my lip pierced and a small tattoo on my ankle.

I had been thinking about the piercing about a month before I recieved it. I though since I had gotten my tattoo and handled the pain as well as my lip pierced. I thought I could handle having needles ran through my nipples. My boyfriend was also super supportive and being a fan of girls with piercings he was there for me.

The evening of my birthday, being pretty much near broke I found out my mom had sent me some birthday money so I could afford the 75$ to pierce my small nipples with CBR's. (Captive bead rings)

I have small breasts and flat? Nipples. They don't really stick out unless cold or played with. But there wasn't an issue with that. I was pierced with 12g rings. Which was really big compared to my lip ring (16g)

I never saw the needle. My boyfriend of four months watched me pull off my shirt and pull down my camisole infront of another person. Poked it with a pen in a freezing cold room and had me lay down on a black leather table-chair. My boyfriend held my hand and when that needle started going through my nipple it was OW OW OW from there on. It hurt quite a bit for me, and I felt those few seconds where the needle was halfway through and then pop the jewelry.

I was really light headed and my boyfriend was all anxious (while I was cool headed with a endorphin rush) my left nipple hurt so much more then my right nipple. I had NOT expected that and I laid there and cried out, in pain exclaiming FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. ( My boyfriend later told me how he hasn't heard me ever cry out that loud except with sex ;D )

I was given my care kit, an adorable mug and a rush like I haven't had before. I was very clumsey and light headed. We solved that with a trip to starbucks and while he drove me home I could again like so many other stories. Feel every bump and rock on the road.

Now the weather had been dry so somehow my nipple ring on my left breast had ripped downward or torn a little. This breast had taken a lot of beatings, flipping rings, and just abuse. By two weeks I had a angry crooked nipple ring and one that was tneder but healing. I would clean it every day when I took a shower and then soak both piercings in a sea salt soak. I followed the instructions but I was tired of popping ibprophin and all the pain.

I finally e-mailed my piercer and she said to do the soaks and if it didn't clear up to come in and maybe change the jewelry. Now being in pain, and watching my nipple take all this abuse was hard. A few days ago my breast was so sore that I just wanted to find a pair of pliars and remove the ring.

It has never showed any signs of infection, but while looking online for some hint or method to help stop this pain and save my poor piercing. I didn't care if it's crooked. I just didn't want to go through another re-piercing and the regret of loosing a piercing and the money after I had just spent what little money I had to get something I wanted so badly.

LITHA : Leave it the hell alone. (I prefer LITFA ;D ) or LIMA: Leave it mostly alone. So pretty much the last few days, no salt soaks no nothing, no touching or cleaning the rings accept when it gets wet in the shower. But even then I dont touch or bother it. I have had good results. My left breast is not PAINFULLY tender anymore.

What I think happened is because I kept cleaning and freaking out over my left nipple that bigger rip was unable to heal so it just kept falling lower while just getting all unhappy. It's still inflamed on the side where the rip is but it's not as bad as before.

Now I do not know what will happen. I'm going to salt soak my right nipple tonight and put a warm damp tea bag on my left. Wish me luck that I will retain my piercing. I love it. Crooked or not.

If you are getting banged around with your nipple piercing you COULD try LITHA. Just leave it alone and allow it to heal. DO not DO Not mess with the scab. If you are that scared of the ring turning, get some medical tape or bandaid to hold it in place. (Don't cover the wound, just the ring at the base)

It is recommended that you follow your piercers aftercare. I will resume salt soaks on my left nipple once it's started to heal up. Otherwise until then. I am NOT touching it, soaking it, thinking about it!

Good luck! And make sure to reasearch all you can. :)



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on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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