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My Inverted Nipple Piercing Experience

Ever since my breasts started to develop I knew that they weren't 'right'. When I compared myself to other girls and women their breasts and nipples were vastly different to mine. Their nipples were more pronounced than mine. I just figured that I was destined to be weird, much to my dismay inverted nipples are quite common not to mention normal with normal functioning. At this time my breasts were still growing but I somewhat knew that I was always going to be the 'freak' and that there was little I could actually do.

After I gained my first intimate boyfriend when I was 15, he explained to me that my nipples never got hard. And this very comment has stuck with me for a long time. Yes they were very much different and never 'hard'. But more correctly... They were inverted.

Over the past 3 years I battled with my inverted nipples and started to look on the internet for solutions. I had been researching operations in order to fix them and make them appear more womanly. But getting surgery was very expensive and often would leave a scar and other procedures were only temporary.

My last boyfriend, who bagged me out all the time about my strange nipples, left my self esteem ripped and torn to shreds. I knew it was finally time to do something about them especially as my breasts and nipples were fully grown and hadn't 'popped' out. He was constantly telling me I was 'odd' and that other girls had better nipples. At the time I didn't really know what to do. I felt too scared to talk to my parents and I couldn't talk to him because he just didn't understand what I was going through.

One day I was on the BME wikipedia site and came across an article about correcting inverted nipples. Piercing was one of the options as the bar and piercing pops the nipple out and keeps it in place. I didn't really like the look of a nipple piercing but if it made me normal I was willing to go through it. After long debating it in my mind I recently decided to get it done. And I also grew to the idea of getting them piercing and now I love the piercing.

I spoke to my friends that had had the piercing before and they highly recommended that I go through with it. I spoke to a few piercers and a friend who was experienced in piercing and in piercing inverted nipples. I also researched different studios and prices and finally decided that Essential Beauty would be perfect for me.

Not only did they have females on hand they also were very understanding and knew what they were dealing with. The price was decent, not cheap, but not overly priced like a lot of studios are.

I booked in my appointment with my boyfriend a few months later which was to be in the afternoon and went and had some lunch.

I got some chocolate bars and a sugary drink to the calm nerves and also to increase the glucose in my blood.

I was so nervous, more so than any of my other body modifications!

Once I went back to the studio I had to fill out some forms and then they took me to the piercing room where I had to lie down and take off my top and bra.

Chris then marked me up and asked me to have a look in the mirror as to where she placed the dots.

I was very happy with the placement.

She then made me lie down and tried to make me relax.

She carefully clamped my nipple and after the count of 3, I breathed in and she pushed the needle through.

I never had much feeling in my nipple to begin with and although I did swear and it did take my breathe away for a moment it wasn't very painful at all.

She then put the bar in which was possibly the most painful part.

She cleaned me up and I had a bit of a relax and a drink of water to calm myself.

I get so scared of fainted and there was a possibility that I would so she said she would put up my feet if I felt faint and was very helpful during and afterwards.

I chose to get a horizonal piercing as I admired the look the most on small breasts. I was pierced with a 14ga bar and the length is 12mm.

The nipple didn't swell and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

It is still in the healing phase and it hasn't bleed or anything.

Cleaning the piercing has been really easy and quick.

I have had some spreading along the bar but other than that it is healing fine.

I sent my parents a message after wards telling them what I had done. My biggest mistake was not telling them about my problems and they were very upset. Not because of the piercing but because I may need to breast feed later in life. I explained to them I knew what I was getting into and that it is post certainly possibly to breast feed with piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Essential+Beauty
Location: Frankston%2C+Vic%2C+Australia

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Monday, July 25, 2016 @12:09 p.m.
Did you find that this helped correct your inversion? I am looking to pierce mine for a short time to hopefully help with it!

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