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Love the look - hated the healing

I had been fascinated by body modifications since college, but was hesitant to actually go through with it. My only two piercings, previously, were in my ears. My mom had gotten me pierced at four years old in some random chair at the entrance to JC Penney, I think. It wasn't the most pleasant memory as that piercing gun made some pretty scary noise to my little ears.

Since my childhood, though, I had met some pretty interesting people with some even more interesting modifications. I had high school friends with wrist tattoos and eyebrow piercings, college friends with nipple piercings and post-college associates with genital modifications. After a while, BME just didn't seem that strange or intimidating.

I had just kicked my live-in boyfriend to the curb (a few months before) and was feeling really free so I did some pretty intense research and decided on an awesome studio in Hollywood called Prix. I went in to just check out the studio and see if I felt comfortable and ended up walking out with three piercings! I didn't see the point in waiting any longer.

Roger, my piercer, had been a phlebotomist in his previous professional life and was no stranger to needles and all of the precautions necessary to maintaining sanitary conditions. He led me through the procedure that was to take place before I undressed and talked about aftercare with me. He showed me the sterilizing machine and was very thorough. I was comfortable with him even though I was completely naked in the chair (I got both nipples and a vertical clitoral hood piercing). While he tried to convince me to get one or maybe two done that day – citing that he didn't want me to regret any of them or be too uncomfortable – I was persistent and convinced that today was the day.

Once it was established that I was really sure of what I wanted, we looked through the shop's jewelry selection. It wasn't the flashiest stuff, but it was sufficient for what I needed. He made sure to discuss the different types of metal used and why one was better than another for the different applications. We talked about synthetic versus natural gemstones and how natural stones were better away from moist areas of the body. We even talked about replacement jewelry once the initial piercings were healed.

Roger was super detailed made sure that both nipple piercings would be horizontally straight by using a pen to mark the entrance and exit of the needle. It took some time (it seemed like forever in that cold room with no clothes on) but paid off. He made sure that I could see everything in a mirror. The hood piercing was first and was a little more than surprising, but made the first nipple piercing easier. After the jarring with the hood, I was prepared for the nipple pain. He then applied a clamp to my right nipple to decrease the distance the needle had to travel and, while it did hurt, it wasn't that bad...way less than the hood. The pressure from the clamp was a real blessing. The left nipple, on the other hand, hurt more for some reason. In the end, the pain lasted about 30-60 seconds for each piercing and wasn't that bad overall.

Before I left, we went over the aftercare information again and he told me to call or stop by if I had any concerns. He reassured me that it wouldn't cost me anything and that no question was too insignificant to ask. He sent me off with a big ol' grin on my face ... I felt so cute in my new jewelry. The ride home was interesting since I had to drive about an hour in stop and go traffic. The minor soreness in my crotch was weird, but the sensations from the nipple piercings were merely odd.

Fast forward two years and my hood piercing has healed in record time, but my nipples are still crusty every so often. I was a little lax with the salt-water soaks and with the net body-pouf I shower with. I thought that it was just a minor reinjury since the ends of my barbells would sometimes get caught up. Sometimes the pain was excruciating though! The lymph drainage never lasted too long, so I took it for granted that the piercings had healed until I ended up catching them on a piece of clothing or something else again. It lasted so long that I ended up going to the doctor who said that it could be bacterial infection or I could have had a nickel allergy. He gave me a round of some internal and external antibiotics and it healed right up! I felt like such a jackass. I would not suggest waiting that long to hit the doctor's office.

After dealing my initial fears of physical pain, I next dealt with my fears about how I was going to be perceived by others. Even though three out of my five piercings are covered, I had to come to terms with how I was going to handle my loved ones. About five months after I got my piercings, I went to a spa with my mom and sister-in-law. In the locker room, it was a little hard to change into the robe without showing some skin and I decided that it was ridiculous of me to hide them from my mom, whom I'm very close to and hating hiding anything from. My sister was the first to see my nipples and was shocked. She couldn't believe her eyes. I have no tattoos, only two ear piercings and am a pretty straight-edged high school teacher. She never expected to see me with any body mods. My mom was actually so upset she cried a little. She thought I was losing it! Needless to say, it took a while for them to understand that I just love jewelry and wasn't descending into some emotional depression wherein I would be mutilating my body bit by bit.

I also had to deal with dating and the perceptions that body mods have outside of the community. I'm not that conservative, but also don't have any outward signs that I love piercing. I liken it to the librarian that's into S & M in her private time... people are always surprised. It's been one of those experiences that forced me to really get comfortable in my own skin without fear of judgement from anyone else.

Overall, I love my piercings and would not trade my experience for anything. Though they took forever to heal, I would definitely recommend them. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Roger+Rabbit
Studio: Prix
Location: Hollywood%2C+CA

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