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Nipple Piercing- Pleasure from Pain

For the past couple of years, physical pain has always been a permeating aspect of my sexuality. Being somewhat of a switch in BDSM situations, I also enjoy experiencing pain. A discovery within this year has been that I find a lot of pleasure in the stimulation of my nipples, especially rough stimulation. Although I hadn't yet gone as far as puncturing my nipples, I was stretching with pliers, making small cuts, and orally stimulating them. Around this time I also encountered the BM community and realized that I could enhance my stimulation and change that part of my body aesthetic, which would also look quite attractive. I thought about getting a piercing for a few weeks. Just the petty worries like: "What will my Grandmother think, will this have any effect on future jobs, will I be able to maintain the piercing?". I realized that it was time to pull out my voice of reason and go through with it.

About a month before my deliberation on the nipple piercing, I had gone into Omega Red, one of the professional studios in the area to ask about a tattoo consultation. When I was there I had asked, out of curiosity, about the pricing and gauge of their standard nipple piercing. When it came time to pick a studio those weeks later, I knew who I would go to.

On November 14th, walked over to Omega Red and filled out the paperwork. I met Spider, my artist, who had a rather quirky and fast paced sense of humor. He was definitely someone that I wanted to have doing my nipple piercing. I went with my girlfriend and a good friend of mine and they stood in the room with me. I was quite happy to see the sanitary and professional environment in the piercing studio. Spider had me lay down and breathe in and out deeply before he put the needle through. I have pretty damn small areolas so he went as deep as he was able to so the piercing would also be fairly durable. Good thing for me (*wink*)? Spider then had me breathe in once deeply and then out slowly and put the needle straight through my left nipple. There was no pain and it rather surprised me. Spider put the barbell into the hole and the good friend that came with me flinched nearly halfway across the room. After the left one, Spider moved on to the right. As the needle went, I coul

d hear it go through. The right one definitely hurt. There was no bleeding with the piercing and the jewelry went in well.

After I left Omega Red, there was little I could do to contain my excitement. Everyone I knew, that is, everyone that it was appropriate to show my nipples to, got a taste of my new piercing. I was so pumped about this addition to my physique. There were few shirts I could wear that night but a tight t-shirt to keep from brushing the piercing around and it looked so great to see them through a tight t-shirt. It was definitely hard to keep self-control, and still is, when having sex because my girlfriend wants to play with them and it's not worth the infection at this point, even with as tender as they still can be.

I have to say that I'm overall extremely satisfied with this nipple piercing. Both nipples look good, my conservative grandmother doesn't need to know, and I pursued an aspect of my life that is important to me and did so without backing out. It's still going to be a journey, especially with the 4 months or so this healing will take. I'm hoping that I can also avoid as much early trauma to my nipples as possible. Not that it hurts (well, there is pain) but I don't want to damage the tissue as it is healing, as much as I enjoy the rush that comes from accidentally twisting the barbell on something. The day after I had gotten the piercing done, I found my friend who had gotten his previously pierced and approached him. As soon as I let him know, he double punched me in the pectorals. I literally fell back into my chair and though I was going to pass out. All pain is definitely not good pain.

I am finding that my personal tendencies towards compulsiveness are making me nervous about these piercings and whether or not they are infected. My friend who had his pierced is able to let me know how mine are doing but it's good to have the BM community around you so you are able to see what should and should not be happening. I'll continue to write as my nipples heal and I will definitely post photos at some point. Sorry I have no photos pre-piercing of my nipples.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Spider
Studio: Omega+Red
Location: Cedar+Falls%2C+IA

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