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Third time is a charm!

I've been into getting body modifications for several years now, beginning with my right cartilage and moving into three tattoos, two septum piercings, a multitude of other ear piercings, nostril, lip, and hips. I decided to get my nipples done after seeing a friend's nipple piercings a couple of months ago and falling in love with them. I had read several experiences on BMEzine and had accepted the fact that it was probably going to be my most painful piercing, but I wanted to get it done so badly! About a month or so ago I decided to go to a piercing place here in Oxford, MS but it was closed so I had to wait.

A couple of nights ago my boyfriend went to Tupelo to check out Mainstream Tattoos. This was where my friend with nipple piercings had gotten hers done and she highly recommended this place. Unfortunately it was closed so I went back the next day by myself and finally it was open! I had gotten most of my piercings done at Mainstream in the past and Casey had always been the one to pierce me, but there was a new apprentice there that night who would be the one to pierce me. I'm not sure of the name of the guy who pierced me, as we didn't really introduce ourselves, but he was very professional and the workspace was very clean.

As he was getting the needles ready and opening the CBR rings he was going to use, I told him that i wanted my nipples pierced at angles. He told me this wouldn't be a problem and jokingly added that if someone said they look crooked it wouldn't be his fault. His joking and relaxed demeanor definitely helped calm me down.

After marking where the piercings would go, he immediately got to work. He went for my left nipple first, asking me to lean back in the chair and put my left arm behind my head. I was so nervous! After getting the clamp in place he counted to three and pushed. There was a pinch, but nothing earth-shatteringly painful. The needle was a bit thinner in gauge than the jewelry, so there was definitely some pain and pressure while he was putting in the jewelry. But as soon as he got the ring and bead in place, I loved it! It looked a bit silly, as it was sticking straight out from my nipple, but my piercer assured me that his nipples did the same thing when he got his pierced and that they would lay down once they healed up a bit.

At this point my adrenaline was shot and I was anticipating the second nipple to hurt more than the first already, so we took a short break between piercings for my adrenaline to build back up. At this point the piercer and I actually got to talk a bit. I asked him some questions about piercing, and he said he enjoyed it so far, as he had only been apprenticing for less than a year. He said that the one piercing he really wanted to do that he hadn't gotten to do yet was a corset, but he couldn't find anyone willing to get it done. I wished him luck in finding a candidate, as corset piercings seem so painful to me!

A few minutes passed and we got back to my right nipple. I was still a bit anxious about it but I knew it was now or never. Again he placed the clamps on the appropriate places and lined up the needle. I started taking deep breaths as he counted to three once again and pushed. The second nipple did hurt a bit more than the first, but still it wasn't too extremely painful. The insertion of the jewelry, however, was quite painful. Not only was there the same problem of the needle being a thinner gauge than the CBR, but my piercer had a harder time getting the jewelry through the hole. So there was some pushing. And some pain. Some good, old fashioned, stabbing pain. Oddly enough, this is what happened when I got my hips pierced - the left one went smoothly, but the right wouldn't go all the way through the hole and the piercer had to "massage" the jewelry through the hole with the needle. This led me to get light headed and have to lie down on the floor after the jewelry was fi nally in place.

But getting back to the nipple piercing, a little force was used to get the ring through, and it finally went without having to use the needle again. The piercer popped the ball in place and voila! My nipples were pierced! I was so pleased - they looked perfect. My piercer cleaned them off and put some small bandages over them in case they decided to bleed on the way home.

I got home about 45 minutes later, removed the bandages, and was so happy! Later that night before I went to bed I cleaned them with a soap and water solution and some Bactene, put some Band-Aids over them to keep them from catching in my sleep, and took some Ibuprofen just in case. So far I am so satisfied. I recommend Mainstream to anyone in the area. Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: not+sure
Studio: Mainstream+Tattoos
Location: Tupelo%2C+MS

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