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A Senior Citizens Nipples

Why would a 67 year old want to get his nipple pierced? Well for me it was curiosity. I have been checking BME for several years wondering if I would be able to get up the nerve to have a hole or two put in my body. Living in a small rural conservative community, meant any piercing would have to be hidden, leaving Nipples, Genital or Navel as being the probable choice. Also there were no studios near home, which meant I would have to travel at least an hour each way to have any piercing. I had considered getting one done several times when I was passing though the Wausau area, but each time I wasn't prepared enough to search out a piercer. Lately I have been checking out videos on YouTube of guys getting their nipples pierced. Some of the guys getting pierced seemed in great pain, but others seemed to enjoy the process. It began to increase my interest in getting my nipples pierced. The more videos I watched, the more I wanted see what it would be like. I almost knew that it
was likely to happen soon.

I am semi-retired and can basically work when I want. I had put in quite a bit of time earlier this week so yesterday decided to get out of town for a day. I headed down to Wausau for an afternoon. I had an idea of where Blackwater Tattoo and piercing was located so I drove though the area. All at once I saw it as I was driving by. The first chance I was able to I turned around and headed back. I was shaking like mad and almost backed out without going in the door. I was still not real sure I wanted to put myself though the torture. I went in and asked about the cost of getting a nipple piercing. The guy said that he would let me talk to the piercer. I was told that a nipple piercing would definitely be an intense procedure. He explained that he would suggest getting both done at the same time as usually the second piercing would most likely be done later anyway and would cost more. He also said that he usually used bars rather than hoops for several reasons including that w

ith the cold weather coming on they would be more comfortable and that there was less chance of them getting caught. He also said that after they were healed that hoops or horseshoes could be used. I do like the looks of the larger jewelry and I may change to them later. He said several times that I didn't need to make up my mind right away. I asked what he thought of an older guy getting pierced and he saw no problem telling me of a guy who was 82 that he had pierced. Finally I said "What the heck, let's do it.

He gave me the information on the care of the piercing and while I was filling out the paper work (very nervously) he prepared for my piercing. He showed me the items he was going to used and explained how everything was sterile. He then cleaned my nipples and marked them. He let me look at how they were marked and I couldn't see anything wrong with how it looked. He put the back of the chair down and I laid down ready to be pierced. He began with the right nipple, lining up the clamp. The pain was not too bad as I have played with nipple clamps before. He told me to be sure to keep breathing and   then pushed the needle through. The pain was intense but brief. He waited a few seconds then asked if I was ready for the left side. Again he aligned the clamp and again the pain was very intense. He inserted the bars and cleaned around the nipples. Then he let me have a look at them. He put some pads over the nipples to prevent any blood from spotting my shirt although there was

no sign of bleeding. I paid for them and then left to have something to eat.

I definitely knew that something had happened to the nipples as they were somewhat tender. I did some shopping and headed back home. There was some pain until morning, however by midday the discomfort was minimal. I hope that healing will go normally. The piercer asks that after six to eight weeks I come in and have him look at them. So far I am happy with them and am glad that I went though with it. Are there any chances that I will get something else pierced? I don't know for sure but there is a good chance that further piercing is in my future.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Brandon
Studio: Blackwater+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Schofield+WI

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