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Painless Nipples

I had been researching the piercing for some time and wanted before my birthday (Nov. 13th) so they would be healed or not sore by then. Dave has pierced my navel and tongue and they all healed great besides the infection I got in my navel (it was my fault, changed it too early and didn't clean correctly). Since those piercings I have gotten my 2nd earlobe and my tragus which were painless too. I have been told that I have a very high pain tolerance. Any who...I was doing the research and thought this piercing would hurt and it is only uncomfortable so far, but it's only been about an hour and I'm sure tomorrow will be another story.

I went to the studio and did the usual paper work and had to wait for Dave to finish up another piercing, which was also nipples and the girl who came out with her boyfriend looked shocked and it made me even more anxious to get it over with. So a few minutes after they left he called me back. I told him I wanted barbells instead of rings and he said it would be $5 extra (the piercing itself was $80 for both and $50 for one nipple). I have never gotten rings with any of my piercings and I was defiantly not going to start with my nipples. After a few minutes of talking I asked him about the pain and he said if I could handle the tragus piercing it would be fine, I told him that I didn't feel my tragus piercing I just heard a pop and he said this should be easy. I then asked him about the so called keloid (people of color are known to get those and they said I have one on my tragus piercing) he told me it was not a keloid and it should resolve itself over time. After the chat I was way relaxed and ready for the "pain". He told me to take my shirt and bra off so he could clean them with iodine and mark them. I checked the mark and hopped back on the table. By the way I wore my regular padded bra, I have sports bras but they looked funny with my shirt so I said forget it (I'll probably wear one to bed though). I watched him take out the sterilized clamp, needles, and curved barbells (he said they heal better with those). He then put the lube stuff on the needle and barbells and told me to lie down and put my hands under my butt so I don't move. He clamped me and I told him I didn't feel anything so he said after a few deep breaths he'll pierce my left nipple...it was done quickly and painlessly. The second one was the same but I felt a little sting when the needle went through. The whole process was very easy and painless; don't believe the hype about the pain it's all in your mind.

I'll continue this daily tell you how it's been feeling and healing.

Day 1- When I showered last night it was hard to clean but not painful and I wish I would have had some h2ocean. I slept in a sports bra with my Lansinoh Ultra Soft Nursing Pads. Since I decided not to put lotion on my nipples or anything I just put tea tree oil around my nipples and on the tips of my nipples. This morning when I woke up I decided to do the sea salt soak with my lovely coke a cola shot glasses. I soaked them for about 5 minutes then whipped off the dried blood and rinsed the piercing with warm water. After I did this I dried the piercings with a cotton ball and they burned like hell for a few minutes but felt better as soon as I put a regular bra on with my nursing pads. I have yet to bleed on the nursing pads, it's like more of a soft secure feeling that just makes me feel at ease. I know I'm going to be extra careful today since they are slightly sore, I think it's the bra so I'll change my bra and continue to love my new piercing.

Day 2- Last night my left nipple was moved too much and bled a lot but it was fine after I cleaned it up and soaked it in salt water. It's easier to clean now and it actually feels good when the water from the shower head hits it. I noticed my right nipple is already starting to get crust on it, which is great.

Day 3- My left nipple is still bleeding a bit, and was fine again after I cleaned it. My right nipple is doing great and crusting. They are not sore but I'm being very careful about how I lay and what I press on my chest.

Day 4- No bleeding crusties on both, and I stopped using the nipple pads since nothing was going on.

Day 5- So much more comfortable without the pads, I still do my SSS twice a day and they are not sore. The weather has gotten colder and when my nipples get hard it's kind of sore but as soon as I warm up it's fine. I soaked them as usual and the scabs came off and they look great and aren't sore at all.

Day 6- It was cold last night and my nipples felt the pain lol, otherwise they are fine they barely get crusties on them.

Day 7- My left nipple got really crusty but all is well and I'm not sore what so ever. Now I wear my regular bras and I think tonight I'm going to sleep without a bra....Well I didn't end up sleeping without a bra but I'll try tonight.

Day 8- Sleeping without a bra and just wearing my regular bras during the day. They get dry sometimes so i just put tea tree oil on them.

I guess I'll just update this when the piercing is a month old unless something unexpected happens.

10/25/09- My nipple piercing is one month old. The crusting has decreased a lot and the only time i feel some discomfort is when they are dry. Still putting tea tree oil on them and since i use baby oil it has gotten on the piercings too.

11/1/09- They barely crust anymore and I'm going to look for some rings to put in for my birthday 11/13.

I am aware that tea tree oil is not good for some piercings. I use it on everything from my hair to my piercings and have never had a problem with it. I would not advise the use of this on piercings.

If you want this piercing, DO IT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dave+Coyle
Studio: Liquid+Swordz
Location: Ypsilanti%2C+MI

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