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My nipple piercing experience!

I had been thinking about getting my nipple pierced for quite awhile and then two weeks after my 20th birthday I decided to go for it!

My friend was also going to get it done but she was getting her left nipple and I was getting my right nipple.

I went to the same place I got my ears and my belly button pierced (only other piercing I have is tragus done else where) as I thought they seemed like they knew what they were doing.

We were asked by the receptionist if we thought we had more big or small nipples and we both said that we had pretty normal sized nipples.

I asked if we got to choose jewelery or balls with crystals but we were told that only a standard silver bar was used to pierce. This was fine but it looked so much bigger than I thought was appropriate for a nipple but it actually turned out to be perfect size and the size that most female nipples need.

I was a mess waiting to get it done i wasn't afraid of the pain more of just having to wait and the suspense.

I made my friend go first and she came out and looked quite red in the face but came out smiling and then it was my turn to go in.

My piercer actually asked if the day behind the desk could come in and watch which i said was fine.

I then had to take my top and bra off and stand in front of them. The piercer then sat on a chair and took a marker and drew two dots on either side of my nipple where the piercing would go. She then cleaned the area and asked my to lie down on the piercing bench.

I didn't look at it as I didn't want to psych myself out so I stared at the ceiling while she got everything ready, She then told me to take a deep breath in and out and she pushed the needle through.

I'm going to be completely honest and say when she pushed it through it hurt.. a lot! After that I felt fine but then she had to get the jewelery through and she asked me to take and other deep breathe in and out.. that hurt quite a lot to but it was fine!

I then was shown in a mirror my nipple piercing and LOVED it.

Both piercers said that it looked really good on me and suited me which also made m feel good as I don't think I would strike people and a nipple piercing type as I 'm tattoo free and a Blondey so I felt happy.

I asked the secretary who wanted to watch if she was learning how to pierce nipples and she asked quite a few questions and said she was the other piercer. To my surprise she said she had pierced a nipple before but was not confident with it which alarmed me a little as she obviously pierced some poor persons nipple and it didn't go so well or she wasn't confident doing it.

It stopped hurting while I was leaving but then about twenty minuted after it started hurting quite bad but this faded and was totally fine compared to getting the piercing itself.

I used a salt sea spray on it religiously until it ran out and it started to heal quite well but as soon as I started to feel more comfortable with it i would knock it so it still hasn't healed fully yet but is definitely on its way.

I was going to get my daith pierced after my nipple but my piercer didn't even know what it was so I opted out obviously haha.

It was a bit of a wake up call to me actually despite my belly button and ears and now nipple being pierced perfectly my piercer didn't know what a daith piercing was and the other piercer had pierced a nipple before yet still was asking very basic questions which lead me to be wary of the fact that despite them appearing very professional and despite selling gorgeous expensive jewelery they may not be cracked up to be what they seem. Word to the wise ;)

I haven't changed my nipple piercing jewelery yet as I want to give it a bit more time to heal I more want to change the balls on the end to either a smaller size or ones which have small crystals in them to make it more sexy and feminine.

It is painful but it is totally worth it and I think if you want to get it done and don't because you don't want to go through the pain it is quite silly as the pain lasts for a few seconds and then it totally manageable :))


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on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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