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My little moment of bravery.

I love piercings. I love tattoos. I love the rush of getting a new body modification and the high that comes with everyone admiring your new ink or hardware, or even the secret rush of knowing you have something that is for your eyes only. And the biggest one is that I love my shop. Top Tattoo probably has the best feel to it of any shop I've been to and I've been to quite a few with friends when they go to get a new tattoo, and the Seattle-area has a large number of shops. I've never been dissatisfied with any of my piercings there (thanks to Mitch, Melissa, and Mateo!) or with my tattoo (which is thanks to Drew). All of the artists are extremely friendly and willing to work with you towards your goal.

My latest piercing addition was my nipples. They bring my total up to six and one tattoo, which I got the next month.

All of my piercings and my tattoo have been done at the wonderful Top Tattoo. The shop has an amazing atmosphere and is very professional, and it is very easy to form friendships with your artists. When I decided I wanted to get my nipples pierced, I knew I had to get myself to Top. Which meant that I waited two months, because I like to make absolutely sure I want the new piercings If you still want them two months later, then it's okay to go and get them.

Soon enough, I made my way to Top with two of my friends to hold my hands and take pictures. I was definately nervous, nipple piercings are on a completely different level than earlobes, helix and septum, which were reletively painless for me. Melissa welcomed us in and after some quick paperwork, she took me back into the room. I was even more nervous at this point as she had shut my two friends out in the lobby area, but I was not going to change my mind. She went over procedure as she marked my nipples and pronounced that 10ga would be the safest choice for me, as that would have the least chance of rejecting. (It varies from person to person!)

I lay back on the table once we were both satisfied with the marks and I watched Melissa prep. If you are nervous about getting your nipples pierced, I recommend NOT looking at the needle. It gets very scary when you realize that it's an 8ga needle, those suckers are huge!

Melissa is very good at her job, and I think it's even more impressive that she's good at her job at a shop that works freehand. "Okay, deep breath, and out.." and then I had a needle through my left nipple. It hurt, but I could deal with it, no big deal. I was a little shaky as she inserted my 10ga barbell, which DID hurt. Then came the time for the right, and I learned that sometimes, the adrenaline rush gets a little spent.. The right side hurt like a bitch. But I survived that too.

Melissa and I put some gauze in my bra because my new piercings were bleeding a bit, and I dressed and we went out to the lobby to my friends and a lighter wallet. The car ride afterwards sucked and it's a very good idea to avoid your friends who like to hug for a while. I was bruised and sore for a few days, but then it was virtually painless for the rest of the healing process.

I would also be very careful about what you use to protect your new piercings. Top recommends Tegaderm bandages, but I found out on the second day of wearing them that I am very allergic to the adhesive. Even if you can wear regular bandaids, that is a very sensitive area and you may find out the hard way! Because I was allergic to the adhesive, I made sure to keep my piercing very very clean and was extra careful of them since they were unprotected. If they bled a little, I slipped some gauze into my bra and was good to go.

Another thing that I have found after the fact is that it hurts when it gets cold! I don't know if it's the same for men, but when it gets cold and a bit nippy, the jewelry tends to go the same way as the weather, so I would recommend having a very warm jacket.

People always ask how badly it hurt when they find out I have my nipples pierced, and I can honestly say that my helix still holds the title of 'most painful piercing.' My nipples have healed nicely, and I am looking forward to going back to Top very soon and get my tragus piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Melissa
Studio: Top+Tattoo
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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