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Finally I have pierced nipples!

My story starts 15 years ago when I left home. I would often think about piercing my nipples, but never dared to go ahead with it. I thought my friends too conservative and didn't want to be ridiculed for doing something this "strange". I guess it was partly a self esteem problem, not having the confidence to go ahead and be what I wanted to be. I wanted to get my nipples done, but didn't want them to be visible to people I knew when I took my top off.

To scratch the itch I had for piercing I started to pierce myself. NOT advisable I know. I used anything I could get that was sharp, sewing needles and safety pins were the easiest to come by. I got a huge rush pushing these needles through my skin and it was a huge turn on for me. The searing pain and the thrill of forcing the needle point through my skin felt good, and I considered it an achievement when I saw the needle point exiting on the other side. I had pierced my nipples, scrotum and underside of my penis this way several times, but I always removed the needle and never tried inserting any jewellery since I had not done this with a suitable gauge needle, and didn't ever worry about placement of the piercings so it really was not a good idea at all.

Fast forward to now. I had been considering having my nipples pierced all this time, but never dared to go through with it. I had called piercing shops over the years to book appointments but never actually gone through with them, purely out of fear. I had my PA pierced 6 years ago and although the experience prompted my legs to shake and a huge stress/adrenaline rush feeling I had always been afraid of doing my nipples, again because of the perception people would have of me. I decided to broach the subject with my wife. I was unsure whether she would be supportive or not, but she said she liked the thought of me being pierced and thought nipples were sexy.

Now that I effectively had permission, I decided to strike whilst the iron was hot. I was determined to do it the next day. That night I lay in bed with my heart racing, telling myself over and over again that I would definitely be pierced the next day. I would have bars in my nipples and this would be the last day that I had little unpierced bumps on my chest. I had already picked the place, Body Decor in Singapore as they seemed to have a good reputation on the web. I called and was told to come by in the afternoon. I was already feeling shaky. After being out all day I stopped by the gym for a shower and to change my clothes. Was I doing the right thing? Should I back out for the 100th time? No.

I approached the shop and noticed it was empty. I really didn't want to be surrounded by giggling school kids or anything. I gingerly told the guy at the front desk that I wanted to have my nipples pierced and was introduced to the piercer, HP. She asked me to fill in the form, pay and pick some jewellery. I chose 14g titanium barbells rather than rings. From previous experience of rings in a scrotum piercing I thought they would get knocked around too much and result in slow and painful healing. I was shaking. Come back in 15 minutes she said. I took a walk around the mall, but had trouble keeping my mind off what I was about to do. Should I just go home and avoid it? Well I'd paid already.

After what seemed like forever, I went back up to the shop and was led into the back room where I was told to sit on a small bench and take off my shirt. I felt like I wasn't present, just watching it happen. She cleaned the area, marked me up with a pen and asked me to look in the mirror to check the alignment of the dots. It looked good. What the hell was I doing? By now I was feeling nervous, a little dehydrated and wanting to get it over with. As I said before I was not scared of the pain, I would like it and I enjoy having my nipples bitten hard anyway. So now it was time. HP told me it would hurt, but that if I had dared to have my PA done this would be easier. My PA wasn't that bad anyway.

She clamped the right nipple which felt quite nice to me. After a couple of slow breaths she pushed the needle through. I felt a burning and searing pain for 2 seconds, but didn't flinch, just kept breathing. I looked down at the needle sticking through my nipple. Cool I thought. The pain was not too bad. Another small tug as the jewellery was going in was all there was. Now for the left hand side. HP explained that the second one usually hurts a bit more. It felt exactly the same to me, a searing flash for 2 seconds then done, followed by a small tug as the barbell was inserted and the ball screwed onto the end. I lifted my head and looked down for the first time at my newly adorned chest. No doubt about it, my nipples were pierced. After all this time it was done. A felt a wave of relief and a bit of dizziness as I stood up and put my shirt back on. It passed in a moment. She said I must have a high tolerance for pain as I didn't react at all during the piercing. I thanked
HP again and left. I would definitely recommend her as a friendly and reassuring piercer.

That night my wife and I went to a friend's place for some dinner. Their little girl wanted to climb on my shoulders and I was very apprehensive about her kicking me in the nipples, but it was OK. Both piercings had been sore all afternoon and night, so I wore an undershirt which seemed to help keep them still and free of further irritation. I did the first cleaning gently in the shower and then soaked with saline solution before rinsing. There was no redness and no crusties, which surprised me. That night I slept wearing a t-shirt, which again seemed to help reduce the chance of them being knocked or catching. On day 2, both nipples felt ok and the acute soreness of the day before was gone. I cleaned in the same way as before, still no crusties.

It's now day three and they feel even better. There are still no crusties where the piercings exit, but both nipples look a little swollen. I think this may be due to the placement, which is slightly behind where my tiny nipples naturally stand. This is pushing them out a bit and making them look bigger. Although I am still going to try and avoid letting strangers know they are pierced, the balls are actually invisible due to their small size. Even stretching a t-shirt over them just looks like my nipples are a little erect. I am very pleased, and I keep looking at them all the time. Finally, I've had it done. Like many on this site, I recommend just having your nipples pierced if you are thinking about it or on the fence. The pain is OK, just keep calm and breathe through it. I just can't wait until they heal properly and I stretch and change to CBRs. My wife also likes them, and confirms that she thinks they are sexy. I'd love her to have hers pierced too, and she wants to, but is afraid of the risks to her breasts and breastfeeding explained by her doctor friend. Her decision. Although she did ask me what I want pierced next. I think she understands.... Next is a frenum/scrotal ladder.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: HP
Studio: Body+Decor
Location: Singapore

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