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Brand New to Body Modification

I've wanted to get another piercing ever since my sister got her upper ear done when I was a sophomore in high school. I finally now got up enough courage to get it done. It was between my upper ear, my nose, or my nipples. I decided to go for the easiest one to cover up for work – the nipples. I did what you are probably doing and read a bunch of stories. I was a little scared at first because people kept saying how the second one hurts so much. Last Sunday, my friend and I decided to go look at places on where to get it done.

As a personal preference, I wanted to have a female piercer do the job, so that eliminated my friend's favorite tattoo place. The other place that we heard of was closed, but I remember seeing one with a similar name online, so we called them. They had a female piercer, so I wanted to check out the place to see if I felt comfortable there. We get to the place and were greeted by Methos and Rebecca. Rebecca asked what piercing I wanted, which I was a little hesitant to say my nipples. She remembered that I was the one asking for a female piercer. She then spoke of her personal experiences with getting her nipples pierced twice and highly recommended getting them both done at the same time, which I never heard of anyone doing it. I opted to give it a shot, since it was my first time doing any sort of modification to my body and didn't know how I would handle the pain.

The overall feel of the place was great. I hadn't been in many tattoo places before, but I felt really comfortable here. They were extremely professional about the entire procedure. She marked both of the nipples and had my friend double check on if they were centered. They clamped both of my nipples at the same time, which didn't hurt at all, but then again my nipples weren't really sensitive to begin with so the pain as far as that goes just depends on how sensitive you are. I couldn't watch them putting the needle in or anything, so I just stared at my friend, who made breathing notions to keep me taking deep breaths. On the count of three, they both stuck the needle in at the same time, which was pretty alarming on the pain in that I was expecting it, but I didn't cry or scream or anything. I did my best to keep my mind off of what was going on and just kept eye contact with my friend. They then put the ring in both at the same time and it was done. Methos put the balls o n and I was all done. I think they look amazing. After about 15 minutes after being done, the pain hit me, and I was crying all the way home. That was last Sunday and I've only cried twice since then because a sudden movement that touches the ring hurts so bad.

The first day I wore a bathing suit top as a bra, which helps and at least as something besides my shirt to cover up the nipples. I've had very little blood since the piercing. I'm using Dial soap in the shower to wash the edges of the puncture site, but I'm not able to turn the rings just yet because they are still a little sore. When I'm sitting around my apartment, I put H2Ocean on the puncture sites. For me at least, the soap stung a little the first couple of days, but it stopped after that. You definitely need to be watchful of where your nipples are while you're doing things. I accidently hit it with my knee when I was putting on socks and it hurt like I don't know what. It's helped to sit around topless, which nothing putting pressure on them, but again, I have to watch what I'm doing so that nothing touches them because every little thing hurts because of how sensitive they are now. I've also been taking Motrin for the pain and it's helped with some of it, not all of it.

My overall experience was not as bad as what I've read. If you're thinking about doing this, I HIGHLY recommend getting both of the nipples pierced at the same time because if you just get one done, you're not going to want to get the other one done until the pain settles, especially if you haven't gotten any sort of body modification done before. I also recommend going to About You Custom Tattoo in Deland, FL. If I get another piercing and/or tattoo, I'm definitely going back there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Methos+and+Rebecca
Studio: About+You+Custom+Tattoo
Location: Deland%2C+FL

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