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Spontaneous Decision

First off, my name is Kaylee and I'm an 18 year old college sophomore. As far as my piercing history goes, it's nothing extensive. My earlobes are each pierced twice, by a gun, the first ones when I was five, and the second when I was 12. I got my cartilige pierced by a gun (mistake, I know) when I was 11, and then the summer before my junior year, when I was 15, I got my nose and navel pierced within two months of each other. I was definitely infected by the piercing bug, but my parents insisted that I wait until I was 18 to get another piercing. After waiting so long (I'll be 19 in a little less than two weeks), getting a piercing no longer seemed like a priority. I'm a broke college student, and I've got a lot more on my mind besides taking care of a piercing, let along actually paying for one.

Now, I've always toyed with the idea of getting my nipples pierced, but it always seemed like an idea that would never fall through, like planning a trip to California. I never really thought I would ever be able to actually go through with getting a needle shoved through my nipples. As much as I love piercings and would think about getting another one, I must admit that nipple rings were never my first choice.

However, this day was different. While home from school for the weekend, I stopped in the local piercing shop where I had gotten my navel and nose done. It is called Steel Addictions, and it is located on Secor. It was formerly next to the tattoo parlor, but it moved back near the bar Six Pack. The only reason that I stopped in with my friend that day was to pick up a new hoop for my nose. It was very busy for a Saturday afternoon, and I could tell that the piercer was completely swamped. Two older women were there to get their tragi pierced, and another older woman was in with her daughters to get her nose done. While I was there, my friend and I began to joke that I should get a piercing. The more we talked about it, the more appealing it sounded. So, even though the piercer (who was also running the counter at this point since the usual person had called in sick), said she'd be right with me, my friend and I left so I could pick up the appropriate documents to get pierced.

When I stopped home, I admitted to my mom my intentions. At first she was absolutely appalled (but she's a pretty liberal mom in general), but eventually she slightly warmed to the idea and let me go. So, I returned to the piercing place, where the piercer asked me if she could help me find anything.

"No, actually. . . " I stammered. All of the same people I mentioned before were crowded into the waiting room, as well as a younger guy, and I didn't really want to say it in front of them. "I'm here to get something pierced.

The girl raised her eyes in surprise. "I thought you were just looking for some jewelry! And I thought that I lost you there!"

"No," I said. "I just ended up changing my mind."

"What do you want to get done?" She asked.

I lowered my voice slightly, but everyone still heard. "My nipples."

Nearly everyone in the room had a remark, but it really wasn't that bad. I filled out the paper work, and then picked out my jewelry (14g pink opal CBR). I ran and got some lunch while they sterilized the jewelry, and then came back for the piercing.

I was so nervous that I was almost excited as I stepped back into the now-empty waiting room. After a minute, the piercer asked me to step back into the room where I nervously awaited as she talked me through the procedure and began to unwrap a variety of torturous-looking instruments, like a set of clamps, a pair of needles, and my new hoops.

First, she marked the spots for my horizontal hoops with some purple ink and a toothpick. Next, she positioned the clamps on my left nipple. As I gripped my friend's hand, she counted to two, and then I took a deeeeeeep breath in, and then on THREE she shoved the needle through. For a moment the pain was extremely bad, about how you would imagine, but she was quick with the jewelry and within a moment the ball was secured. I was pale and slightly sweaty but I was prepared to get the second one over with.

Now for nipple #2. Once again she put on the clamps and did the counting process, but. . . OUCH. The second one most certainly hurt worse than the first. On top of that, the second ball was significantly more difficult to clamp on. However, the pain was over quickly.

This is day two, and they are still tender, but the sea salt soak that she advised me to do helped a lot. Even wearing a shirt is pretty crazy now, but I'm looking forward to them healing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dom
Studio: Steel+Addictions
Location: Toledo%2C+Ohio

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