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Self Pierced my nipples- makeshift CBR

I would like to begin by saying that in NO way should you pierce yourself in the same methods that I used. They are unsanitary, and can only lead to infection. That I got lucky, and they were perfect was a major shock. Anyways, lets begin (sorry, I have a really long intro, but hey, just hang through, and a description of how do make the CBR's is at the bottom- Enjoy!)

Hi. I am a 14 year old boy living in Los Angeles. I have been interested in body modification for about 2 years. When I was 8, I saw a friend who had his ears pierced, and asked my parents if I could get mine done, too. They had no problem, so that weekend they took me to get my ears pierced. I have never taken them out, and never stretched. The piercings I plan to get in the future are as follows: Apadravya, dydoe, pubic, tongue, lip piercing, more nipple (vertical) piercings, septum piercing, lots of pubic piercings, and an eyebrow piercing. I also want a tattoo really badly of a giant tiger on my back, but that is a different story, and hey, I'm 14. This is the story of how I pierced my nipples. I have wanted them for about a year, and thought it was time I actually got them done. I asked my girlfriend what she would think if I had my nipples pierced, and she was ecstatic! My girlfriend is a piercing fanatic, so she has 21 piercings herself (nipples, nostril, navel, a cli t hood (I know, very young, but she did it herself), standard lip piercing, center tongue piercing, and 13 on her ears- 4 per each lobe, tragus, industrial, cartilage, rook, conch) I especially love to play with her clit and nipple piercings, so girls who are reading this story, DEFINATELY get those piercings! They are the best for your boy friends! These are my first real piercings (except for my lobes), so we could finally have that in common. Neither of my parents have any piercings at all, except for my mom's lobe piercings, so they do NOT approve of my interest in piercings. My mom is very against them, and my dad doesn't mind them, but doesn't have any of his own. Of course, I couldn't ask my parents. So, I pulled out my trusty safety pins, and pierced them... Shit! What was I going to put in them? So, I had to take them out, sadly. Then I realized that if I cut key rings, and glued a bead to them, they would look just like CBRs. So, I made a couple, and they seemed to work great! So, out come the safety pins. I gathered all of my materials on my bed. What did they consist of? Safety pin, homemade Captive Bead Rings, nada mas. Once again, I made no effort to sterilize. I put them to my nipple, and pushed. It wouldn't go through! I then put a towel behind the left nipple, and pushed. Nothing, nothing, then finally it went through! It went in no problem. Next came the right nipple. This one had a little more trouble, but hurt no more. On a one to ten scale, it hurt maybe a 4. So, they have been pierced for about a month. The healing process is going well, they are about 3/4 healed, and no infection. I am cleaning them twice a day with sea salt soakes, and extra claires ear piercing care solution from when I pierced my ears. They haven't infected, which is very shocking to me! My parents have not noticed (Haha). I don't intend for them ever to. I don't think I'll let them fully heal, because I don't want anyone to find out, but until then, I have a secret under my shirt that only me and my girlfriend know about! Now, when we hang out, she can't help but ask to feel the piercings (BIG plus!) I love my new piercings!!

I do not at all advise piercing the way I did, although the makeshift CBR's are kickass! I am amazed, with all of the precautions that I did NOT take that I did not get my piercings infected and fucked up. Please do NOT pierce yourself this way, unless you want to, and if you can't buy CBR's for any reason, then make them the same way I did: You will need two of the key rings, a pair of wire cutters, super glue, and nice fancy beads (or whatever you have, preferably small beads). Cut the key ring so that it is circular with no excess, then bend it so that the ends do not touch. Glue the bead halfway onto the key ring, and wait for it to dry. It is now ready, and you can stick it right into your piercings, and bend it back.

Thank you for reading my experience, and Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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