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Nipple piercings

Day 1

I went into the piercers and filled out the forms and paid the money. After a few minutes the woman called me into the room to be pierced. First she asked me to remove all the clothes on my top half and stand in front of her so she could mark where she was going to pierce me. As I was wearing a loose vest top I could pull it down so I could let her see my nipples without revealing my fat stomach, and I took off my bra. I thought it would be quite awkward to get them out in front of some stranger but it wasn't too bad, especially as the piercer was female. She cleaned my nipples with an wipe. Then she spent a few minutes measuring my nipples so she new what length bar I needed and marking two dots on each nipple where she was going to pierce me.

Next she asked me to lay down on the "bed" at the side of the small room so she could pierce me. She explained that she would clamp each nipple, put some freeze spray on it (to take the edge off the pain), and then pierce it with the needle. At this point I closed my eyes because I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to piercings and pain. I definitely didn't want to watch myself being pierced. I tried to concentrate on my breathing. I hardly felt the clamp going on my right nipple, and just felt a cold sensation as the freeze spray was applied. Then she asked me to take a deep breath in and just as I started to breathe out she pierced my nipple. I do have a low pain threshold but I felt it hurt a lot. I would score it 8/10 for pain. It was all over in a second though. Next she had to pull the jewelery through the hole she had just created. This hurt a lot too although not quite as much as being pierced. Again, the pain only lasted for a second and then it was all over with. She asked me to sit up and look at my nipple in the mirror to make sure I was happy with the piercing which I was. She then asked me to lay down again with my head at the other end of the bed so that my left nipple was nearest to her for her to pierce.

Once I had lay down again she asked if I needed a few minutes break before she pierced my left nipple. I said I no as I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. She pierced my left nipple exactly the same as my right one but I felt this one hurt more than the first when she pierced it and when she pulled the jewelery through. I think this is mainly because I knew what was coming and I think I had told myself it was going to hurt. After she had finished she let me look at both of my new piercings in the mirror and they looked good. There was no bleeding at this point which I was surprised at because I had read that nipple piercings can bleed a lot. The piercer put a dressing over each nipple and told me that I should keep the dressing on for a few hours. I got dressed, thanked the piercer and then left.

Before I went bed that evening I removed the dressings and there was no blood on them or around my nipples. My nipples didn't hurt but felt very sensitive. I was going to wear a bra to sleep in to protect my nipples from catching but when I put a bra on my nipples hurt so I wore a loose T-shirt to sleep in.

Day 2

Sleeping was OK. My nipples didn't catch on anything and I managed to sleep on my side pretty much painlessly. When I got up my nipples weren't hurting at all. When I got dressed I noticed there was a small amount of dried blood around the piercing holes, although there was no blood on my T-shirt so my nipples hadn't bled a lot. When I put my bra on my nipples where a little bit painful but it wasn't too bad. After a while the pain in my left nipple stopped but my right nipple was slightly sore all day.

Day 3

When I got up this morning I noticed that there was more dried blood around my right nipple and it was still a little bit painful, but this is perfectly normal for a new nipple piercing. There is no pain or blood on my left nipple. I'm surprised they haven't been more painful or bled more to be honest. I am going to have a bath later today to soak them and the hot water will gently get rid of the dried blood.


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on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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