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I can't believe I did it

I been into piercings for the longest! I rather get a piercing then have to sit through the pain of a tattoo. My first piercing were my ears when I was a baby, then when I turned 16 I got my tongue pierced...next was belly, then nose, then lip, now my nipples.

I have been reading experiences on BME and looking at photos for the last couple months. I was afraid of the pain because am such a baby when it comes to this type stuff but then again I can't get enough of it because now I have 14 piercings and 6 tattoos well anyway I been doing major research and talked it over with my husband and he said he would love for me to have pierced nipples. I was cool with is so decide that would be my next thing

I even order 2 pink titanium barbells and H2Ocean aftercare spray just so I couldn't back out of getting the piercing. Backing out of getting the piercing wasn't even an option so I had to do it.

I took my little cousin and my friend sen for support...I was scared out of my mind and I knew if I went by myself I wouldn't be able to go through with it.

Well the drive over to the shop I was so scared and kept thinking about turning around but my friend and cousin just wasn't having it they said i had to go today to get the nipple piercings or they would lose all respect for me since I wanted them so badly but was scared out of my mind

We arrived at the shop (I got all my piercings done here besides my ears)The shop was even cleaner and more professional then the last time I was there and I thought that was great I felt even more comfortable with the new atmosphere.

I walked up to the counter and told the manager what I wanted done, Cai (might be spelling his name wrong) was finishing up on a tattoo and asked could i wait about 20 minutes so he could finish up

I was so happy he asked me to wait because I was no where near ready to get my nipples pierced, to kill time me and my ladies went to the store to pick up some snacks I was too nervous to eat anything so I just picked up a bottle of water because my mouth was dry

20 minutes went by and now the piercer was ready for me. He had everything set up neatly and clean then he told me to sit back on this table chair type thing I asked the piercer a couple questions about the pain and he said it did hurt but it would be over within a couple seconds...am still shocked at the fact I actually did it like I can't believe I didn't pass out or anything

The first nipple he used a clamp which hurt really bad it felt like someone who pinching my nipple real hard he counted to 3 and in went the needle...it was such an intense pain but it went away seconds later...I was so shocked by the pain that I didn't wanna go through with the second one but Cah assured me that i would be fine and my cousin said the first nipple was hot and that I should go through with the 2nd one

well after pacing in the room for a couple minutes Cah told me we wouldn't use clamps this time and he just used a receiving tube from my experience i would recommend the tube because my 2nd nipple it barely hurt...it didn't hurt as bad as the first one with the clamp

its been a couple hours and my nipples are just a little tender its not really noticeable so I would say they are doing fine yes getting the piercing does hurt but only for a couple seconds

I wouldn't get them a second time but am glad I went through with getting them...If you want the piercing go for it its not all that bad and you'll fall in love with them

I sent my husband pictures and he loves them! He said he can't wait for them to heal because they are so sexy...am proud of myself am up to 14 piercings and am done! I feel complete now with my 2 additions to my piercing collection

He said in a month I can change the barbells am happy and can't wait because my pink titanium barbells will be coming in the mail and I just can't wait to put them in my new nipples I did this for myself and my husband this will definitely spark the bedroom up

if you want the piercing go for it you'll love it


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Cai
Studio: Ill+Skill
Location: 4948+N+5th+St%2C+Philadelphia+PA+19120

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