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Fourth Times a Charm!

Even before I knew what tattoos and piercings actually were, I had a fascination with body art. I was always drawing on myself as a child and wanted to somehow put something shiny on my body. You would think I would have started earlier but I never actually got my first piercing until I was 18. I loved it. I wanted more immediately.

After a few tattoos and a couple piercings I decided I was brave enough to take nipple piercings. I naively chose a what I believed to be a great piercing studio.. at the mall. They didn't take well. I missed them. Went for it again. They still didn't take. I almost gave up. Then I thought- third time's the charm- right? Maybe. I didn't have time to figure out because I had to have surgery and they were closed up by the time I was done. THEN I really gave up.

A few years later I started toying with the idea of trying again. They were SO pretty and SO fun. I loved being the young, bubbly hippie-type professional who had these hot, surgical steel nipple rings hidden underneath. They made me feel like I had a sexy secret. So I did some research, found an experienced piercer in a clean, well known shop and a friend to hold my hand. I was so ready.

Sharry met me in a grocery store parking lot. My adrenaline was rushing and I had some unexpected butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't even close to enough to stop me though. All I could think about was the cold metal clamps and getting ready for the pinch of the needle that was going to pierce through all that scar tissue. We got to the shop, I signed all my paperwork and headed upstairs to wait for Jeff and his apprentice. I did my homework finding a piercer and was very comfortable with this guy. He has been piercing for 17 years and has had many happy customers. I also loved the fact that he had an apprentice- you don't see many places that have piercing apprentices and it made me more comfortable with the shop in general.

They called me into the room and asked if I had any questions. Now up until this point I didn't but they just started pouring out. I got A LOT of information about why the piercings didn't take the first couple times:

1) They were most likely placed wrong- too far out on the nipple.

2) They used a large gauge ring that was way to heavy.

3) They used RINGS to pierce me instead of barbells. The bottom of the rings got pushed IN by my bra and in turn actually forced the rings to grow out. This apparently happens if you have anything larger than A cup boobs- I am a DD cup. This makes sense.

4) My previous piercing aftercare instructions to soap up and turn the soapy ring through the piercing was not the preferred method. Go with salt water spray and soaks.

5) When they use a clamp, the piercer can't get as good a feel for where the needle is... and...

WAIT A MINUTE... NO CLAMPS?? Was this guy trying to tell me he was just going to grab my nipple and shove a needle through it?? I was officially nervous. He explained to me that it was his preferred method and that it did in fact make the piercing faster and less painful. I eventually believed him. I mean- he HAS been doing this for a long time. He MUST know what he's doing.

They told me to take off my shirt and bra, stand up with my arm relaxed and my sides and look straight ahead so my piercer could mark where he was going to put the new metal. I was familiar with this procedure. It tickled a bit and standing there topless with three people looking at my boobs made me smile a little.

After I was marked I layed down on the padded table. It was warmer than I expected. My heart was racing. I grabbed Sharry's hand before he even started. He grabbed my nipple, lined up the needle and told me to take a big, deep breath in. I did. As my lungs reached full capacity I felt the sweet sting of the needle tearing through my skin. He worked quickly ad he pulled the barbell back through with the needle. His hands were warm and the metal was cold. It was perfect. As I slowly let out my big, deep breath in I was squeezing my friend hand with a big smile on my face. It seemed like I could actually feel my adrenaline level drop after the first one and i knew what was coming. It was time for the second piercing. Same drill. Big, deep breath in. This pinch was much sharper than the first one. I actually was able to take a couple of those big, deep breaths in and out while he maneuvered the needle through this time. For some reason i still couldn't wipe the s mile off my face.

"You've got some tough nipples- I think you're going to be happy with them this time"

I was still smiling. Laying on the table taking a few more big, deep breaths. There is an extremely fine line between pleasure and pain. And this piercing experience was walking directly on it.

I stood up to look at them in the mirror. They were PERFECT! Exactly what i missed. I have my sexy secret back. As Jeff and his apprentice gave me my aftercare instructions we shared a few laughs and some pickle flavored potato chips and we were off on our way.

It had only been a week but I couldn't be happier with my newest addition. They are beautiful. They feel amazing. I continued to experience that fine line between pleasure and pain every time I got out of my house or car since the weather is getting so cold. That lasted a few days. With each day that passes it becomes much more pleasure and less pain. As a matter of fact they don't hurt at all anymore! I have yet to have any of the problems with them that I had with my first few rounds of nipple piercings and with continued aftercare I have a feeling they are going to continue to heal perfectly.

The End.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Greenman+Tattoo+Studio
Location: West+hartford%2C+CT

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