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The Infamous Nips

I usually get my piercings in groups. I got my nostril, 2nd and 3rd lobes all within a month and a half. Well, last Monday I went into Hot Rod Piercing and got my industrial done, which I wrote about on here as well. After that, I was itching for another one. I know, my body was already working on healing two holes, but I just couldn't resist. The problem was deciding which piercing to get. Tim, who did my industrial, suggested my next piercing be the rook on the other ear. The non-edge-of-the-ear piercings make me nervous though. My ears aren't the cleanest and I doubt I'd be able to prevent infection.

Before getting my industrial done, my friend April asked which piercing I wanted. I jokingly told her nipples and she nearly crashed the car we were in. We both had a good laugh and I assured her I would never even consider that kind of pain. But as I researched piercings after the industrial, I kept going back to the idea of the nipples. I was serious when I told her I would never even consider the nipples. However during the very short time that passed, I couldn't help but change my mind. They seemed very sexy and I hear they enhance sensation in that area. I've never really gotten too much pleasure out of nipple play, so I could use all the help I could get!

I went back and forth a bunch of times, afraid that maybe a potential lover would think it was trashy or something. But eventually I came to my senses and decided it's something I wanted to do for myself. You only live once.

I'd had a fantastic experience with my industrial at Hot Rod so I decided to go back there. I made my friend Amanda come with me. She thought I was crazy but also pretty badass for going for the nipples and agreed to come, as long as she didn't have to watch the needle enter the skin. I told her that as long as she held my hand, she could stare at the back of her eyelids for all I cared.

When I walked into Hot Rod, there were two girls there already standing at the counter. Jerry at the counter asked me what I wanted. I felt really embarassed saying it in front of the two girls, but took a deep breath and said, "Well... I, I'm getting another piercing. I... I'm getting my nipples pierced!" It was very awkward for me and very hilarious for Amanda. As you can imagine, the two girls immediately turned to me with looks of pure shock. I filled out the paperwork, showed my ID, and went through the aftercare process with Jerry.

I found out that one of the two girls was getting her nostril done and the other was there for moral support. I told her that I wasn't trying to be condescending but nostril was my least painful piercing (lobes included!) and she had nothing to worry about. She was still really nervous. Next thing she knew it was her turn. I wished her luck and she went to the back.

While she was getting pierced, three more girls arrived. They all were getting cartiledge piercings. The nostril girl came out and her stud looked great, which I told her. She said her eyes watered but she was okay. She wished me luck before she left. I laughed and replied that I would need it. As I waited, Jerry walked to the back to talk to the piercer (whose name I can't remember. Sorry!). I wasn't really too nervous, but Amanda was a wreck! Suddenly I heard Jerry say, "If she gets faint or dizzy, you call me back right away." That's when I had my "Oh shit" moment.

It was my turn. Amanda and I walked back. The piercer and I talked a bit (we'll call him Paul) about what to expect and such. I wore a tank top and removed my bra. I got my arms out of the straps of the tank top and just folded it down, so I didn't have to take the shirt off. Amanda was still really really nervous and she couldn't stop laughing. Paul and I had some great awkward conversation Me: "How's it going?" Paul: "Pretty good, you?" "Good. Good. You know." "Yeah? (sarcasm) It's about to get a lot better."

As he was marking my nipples with a felt marker, I told him not too judge me by my boobs because I'm a bit lop-sided (which was my biggest worry with the piercing!) to which he replied not to worry because he'd not seen a symmetrical girl neither professionally nor personally. Finally it was time. He told me that he doesn't use clamps, which I thought was good because I hear they hurt really bad.

He started on the left and pierced on the exhale. Scale of 1-10, probably a 6 or 7. Not terrible, but no walk in the park. I squeezed Amanda's hand pretty bad. It was a bit bad when he put in the jewelry as well (bars, not rings). Now came the right side. Probably an 8 or 9. It felt like I could feel each layer of skin being ripped through. I squeezed Amanda's hand I swear nearly off and made an unreproducable face. It was very very painful. I didn't make any sound though.

Paul made me feel better by then going on to describe his terrible experiences with tattoos. He has so much unfinished artwork because he can't bear the pain of getting tattooed, which made me laugh and feel better about being kind of a baby about my nipples.

Afterwards, the right one was pretty tender for about 3 or 4 hours. It hurt to laugh because my boobs would jiggle and irritate my tender piercings.

I slept just fine and now (day 3) I barely feel them at all, except when they bump things. They look very very cute and I'm glad about my decision. I feel sexy all the time because I have a secret no one knows and no one would be able to guess by looking at me. No one will ever know about this piercing unless I choose to tell them, which is a nice feeling of power.

The aftercare is extremely easy. Just use Dial soap in the shower and you're done. No worrying about nooks and crannies like that industrial! It's all very straightforward.

It hurt A LOT but it was very worth it!


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on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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