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Restoring nipple piercings

When I was 16 and dumb, I lived in Denver and made friends with a piercer named Sandy. I had a lovely collection of jewelry, stretching from eyebrow to perineum, and just about everything in between. I remember the sensation of having sex a few months after I had gotten my PA, and decided that I needed at least four more piercings to complete the effect. I had wonderful chains that went from earlobe to nose, as well as a pair of thick juicy nipples with which I could hang small adornments off of a pair of 10ga captured-ball rings. I would go to parties dressed like a harem-boy, covered in rings, beads, and chains. And one night I got completely drunk, and took out every one of my piercings.

Please note, I did start this article by describing myself as dumb.

I took a lot of scarring after removing my piercings. I didn't take much care of the actual piercing spots, and developed a lot of scar tissue, especially in my ears which never did completely heal. But the one thing that really broke my heart was to see my nipples collapse and shrink into nothingness. For years, I felt resigned to never having sensation in my chest ever again.

As of recent I've found myself with two amazing partners who whole-heartedly support me reclaiming some if not all of my original piercings. So when I decided to get my nipples re-pierced, I paid a visit to one of the best, if not THE best piercing studios in town: Evolution Piercing. The shop sits just east of the Nob Hill area on Central, and is one of the most inviting piercing studios I've been inside. The selection of jewelry goes from standard surgical steel, all the way through gold-plate with precious stones, as well as a huge selection of natural materials, as well as silicone and pyrex jewelry.

"Noah", I said. "I think I've permanently damaged my nipples. Is there any chance of me getting them re-pierced?" He gave me a very close exam, and allowed that he should be able to start me off with 14ga barbells, but he doubted my poor abused nipples could handle captured-ball rings, or anything very thick. I explained what had happened, and he reassured me that my body didn't look like it had scarred that badly in the least. We discussed price, in between other piercings I was thinking of getting, such as a labret to hide inside my goatee, or getting a PA through my VERY uncircumcised penis. Finally, I decided to go ahead with the piercing. My partner in crime, who had had his nipples done a week earlier by the same piercer, gave me the thumbs up, and Noah pulled out the paperwork.

Noah took me into his studio, and prepared the two barbells. I made myself comfortable in his shop, which was well air-conditioned in the New Mexico heat, but not so cold that I felt uncomfortable. One reason I always go to Evolution for gauging my piercings is due in part to their rigorous sterilization practices. Noah always worked with gloves, scrubbed before ANY procedure, and took special care to make sure all of his tools had been just pulled out of autoclave packaging. I had heard horror stories from other studios around town, and wanted no truck with Hepatitis, or anything else for that matter, and so was very appreciative.

Noah, ever the professional, bid me lay back as he explained the process, and the usual lectures on hygiene. "Don't use rubbing alcohol. Don't use soaps with perfumes, dyes, or lotions. Make sure you only handle your jewelry after washing your hands. Use an antimicrobial soap twice a day for the first 6 weeks, as well as soaking each piercing in a solution of sea salt and warm water. Since these are barbells, you'll need to check that the threading on each ball is tight as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. After 6 weeks, the nipples will be basically healed, but I recommend waiting 3 months and then coming back in to have your jewelry gauged up. Since the barbells are so small, there is a chance that they'll want to migrate out, and larger gauges will help prevent that from happening. Now, I want you to take slow, deep breaths... ok, now BIG breath..."

WOW! That hurt a lot more than I remember! I was kind of expecting it, but when Noah actually pushed the needle through my left nipple I remember wanting to leap up off the table. It felt like... well, it felt like someone had pushed a big frigging needle through the fleshy bit of my chest. Noah, ever the professional, handled my pain like a champ. While he got his next needle ready, I stared at the ceiling and tried not to focus too intently on the stinging sensation in my right tit. Almost immediately Noah was leaning over me and pulling my right nipple into place. "Okay, slow deep breaths... and now, a deep breath..." Pain again, this time worse than the previous. There was a little blood on the right piercing, but that stopped almost immediately with a little pressure and a paper towel. I remember standing up, already feeling the effects of a mild Endorphin rush, while Noah checked and complimented the placement. I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my newly pierced and once again quite large nipples. I could feel a goofy grin growing across my face. "Do you like 'em?" Noah asked. "No, I love them!" I replied.

When I checked out, he asked if I was a member of their mailing list. When I indicated that I was already a subscriber, he asked me if I had seen the 15% off coupon they had mailed out a week before. I of course had, and was hoping that I could take advantage, even though I had thoughtlessly deleted the email from my phone. Noah was kind enough to hook me up, regardless. I thanked him, and gave him a $20 from my wallet as well as writing another 15% on to the credit card bill, and warning him that I'd probably be back. He did a bit of a double-take when I handed him the credit card receipt back, and shot me another "Thank you!" Satisfied, and a little achy, I stepped back out into the Albuquerque sun. Which is of course when the Endorphin rush REALLY hit, and I almost tripped head-first into a light pole.

I went out that night to proudly show off my new piercings to anyone I could find. And honestly, there wasn't a shirt I could wear that wasn't causing me pain that evening. I recall going back to my friend's place for scotch and video games, and at one point deciding to take off my t-shirt entirely and just wear my bowling shirt. I remember reaching across the couch to ash my cigarette, and feeling my nipples lightly brush against the fabric, which caused a bolt of pain and a little tiny thrill to course up my spine. The mixture of pleasure and pain was causing me to get a little riled-up! Throughout the night, I and most of the rest of the party (Any excuse for one, I always say) caught myself looking into mirrors, or staring down at my chest. My nipples, once so flat they almost inverted, were now as big around as eraser heads, a bead of silver glittering on either side. They looked beautiful, and I remember deciding that I would try to get another piercing as soon a s I had the money. Perhaps I should get my PA back. Hmm...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Noah+Babcock
Studio: Evolution+Body+Piercing
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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