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Anticipation and an Awesome Experience

Prior to meeting this girl Sarah that I dated, I had very little exposure to nipple piercings. I had seen some before but none quite as frequently as I got to see hers. They were definitely fun to play with, so one day I started asking her questions about them. This went on for a week or two before I was pretty sure that I wanted mine done. My main concern at the time was how they would look, as I have fairly small nipples, but after looking through hundreds and hundreds of BME nipple pictures, I decided that they'd probably look fine. She didn't have to do any convincing; I just told her one night that we were going to go next Friday (yestrday, 10/03/09).

Sure enough, Friday rolls around and we're headed to Syracuse. The first shop we went to was Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse because I hear John Joyce is the guy to go to in the area for piercings. Unfortunately, he was out of town for the weekend, so I decided we'd go to the Halo Tattoo shop in Marshall Square (near the SU campus). I had gotten my septum pierced there before and was impressed with the artist whose name I don't remember anymore, so I figured it was a safe alternative.

Before we made it there, we stopped in for some beer and calamari at Empire Brewing Company. I knew it wasn't a particularly good idea to drink before going to get them pierced but I needed to calm my nerves after thinking I was about to get them done at Scarab. I was pretty antsy about the whole procedure, but that's just how I get before I get pierced.

When we got to Halo I was immediately back up on that plateau of anticipation. It wasn't long after I filled out some paperwork that we were being brought back to get pierced. The lady who had done my septum was also out for the day apparently, because a girl named Quinn came up and introduced herself as my piercer for the afternoon. She was incredibly friendly and professional. While she was measuring and prepping me we were talking about her chest microdermal because Sarah wants them, and just generally having a good time. She decided that the best size to go with was 14g with 1/2" long barbells. I wanted the barbells, actually...definitely didn't want rings or circular barbells.

We're all still kind of laughing and talking when I realize she's about to pierce one, giving me that well-known command: "Alright go ahead and take a deep breath in...". I knew it was coming but I was so at ease because of her demeanor that it was almost painless. It was a very sharp pain, but seemed to only last for a second. She had the jewelry in my right nipple and was ready to do my left in no time, so I did a 180 on the bed for her and just like the first one, it was very sharp, but quick. She did them less than 45 seconds apart, which I really liked because I figured the longer we waited the more time my endorphins would have to go away. But also, Quinn really knew what she was doing. She was very chill, professional, and very friendly.

I didn't start to feel pain until we got close to the Oswego area. My Jeep bounces around a lot on the highway, and the consistent vibration was starting to get to me. That subsided when I got back to my apartment. I went and looked at them in the mirror for a while, very satisfied with how they looked. I applied some of the H2Ocean spray that I bought and then let them air out for a little while. I went to sleep in a wifebeater and didn't have any problems sleeping with them (yet, anyway).

As of right now, they are approximately 24 hours old. They only get sore when there's too much pressure on them, like when I accidently tighten my t-shirt over them or something. I haven't had any major bumps yet though. I can't even feel them unless I really try to. I thought it was gonna be a lot worse than this, BUT I've still yet to shower, so that should be an interesting experience. I'll be doing that after I'm finished writing this.

Overall, I really like them. I can't wait for them to heal so I can actually touch them and shit, but I've gotten enough piercings to know that patience is a virtue. I would definitely recommend Quinn to anybody in the Syracuse University area that's thinking about getting something done, too. No need to go all the way downtown when you have someone equally as capable right there close to campus.

Sarah told me that she has a crush on Quinn, too. Yikes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Quinn
Studio: Halo+Tattoos
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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