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Screaming Agony

I nerd around on this site almost every day and sometimes get frustrated at the lack of experiences from my neck of the woods, so I decided to quit being a hypocrite and post my own story!

I've had a couple piercings before, but only my nostril, which had to be redone after a jewelry changing failure, and my industrial, which didn't take very well. Point being, I'm not a total and complete newbie when it comes to getting stabbed, but I guess I was still unprepared. I've always been really fond of nipple piercings. I even convinced one of my guy friends to get them done as his first piercing. Yet somehow it never occurred to me that I might want to pierce my own. Around two months ago, I was talking to another friend who wanted to get his pierced, and I told him I didn't think it was something I'd ever want to do.

Then about a month and a half ago, my boyfriend of three years decided to up and dump me. Isn't that how half these stories begin? Tears, heartbreak, need for change, you get the idea. I still remember his epic freak out when I got my industrial pierced without clearing it with him first, so I guess it was kind of rebellion too.

Two days after the breakup, I was sitting at home with my roommate while she did some homework. "Do you want to go to Cynical with me?" She looked up from her papers, "What??" "I'm going to get my nipples pierced," I declared, grabbing my keys. "Wait! Did you even think about this?!" "Yeah," I shrugged. "For like three seconds. Let's go."

After getting lost going to a place I've been to a million times, we stuck our head in the door of the shop. "Do you pierce girls' nipples?" I asked warily, suddenly afraid that just like how some shops wouldn't do genital piercings, this one might deem nipples too inappropriate. Brenda, the best piercer in the world, then dismissed my worries and brought me in. I told her I was terrified of the pain, so I was going to go ahead and pay her for both nipples so there'd be more motivation to not chicken out after the first. She led us back to her little piercing room and I filled out the usual paperwork. Then she closed the door, I pulled off my shirt and bra, and my roommate pulled out her camera. It was kind of goofy.

Brenda cleaned the area and marked where she was going to pierce me and asked if the placement was alright. I told her I had no idea where else it could go, so it looked pretty good to me. I was starting to get pretty nervous by this point, since I'm not very crazy about some needles, but she gave me the usual "Calm down, endorphins rock" talk. She told me that a lot of people find the clamps to be more painful that the actual piercing, but that she wasn't one of them. That's when I looked down to see that she had the clamps on me and I hadn't even noticed. I don't have very sensitive nipples. Like at all. So I was really hoping that was true. Haha, NOT. She had me do the breathe in and out thing and she shoved that sucker through my nipple while I made strange faces of agony and my roommate gleefully snapped photos. The jewelry was even worse. I thought my tit was coming off. It was heinous. The left one was even more heinous. I actually screamed a little. Much to my roomie' s delight of course. I never so much as blinked when I got my other piercings, but this one was a screamer. Oh man, it hurts to remember that.

After I finished writhing in pain, she instructed me to put my bra on, since it would give them some support and lessen the pain. I'd heard this before, but I decided everyone who said that was crazy, until I actually put it on. Much better. She went over the usual aftercare instructions with me, and sent me on my way.

The drive home was pretty miserable, due to bad seatbelt placement, holes in the road, and my own failure to stop bumping my tits with my arms. I dropped my roommate off at class, then went home and changed into a sports bra. Much better still. Then I called my friend who I'd been talking about nipple piercings with, he laughed at my change of heart and took my mind off the pain a little. Once the adrenaline chilled enough that I could lay down, I took my shirt off and put a cute little ice pack over each nipple. The sudden hardening of my nipples was probably just as painful as the needle, but the numbness came quickly. They calmed down after that, and by the next day weren't painful at all. Which was good, since I couldn't stop whipping them out to everyone I knew. They've healed very nicely since then, not an once of trouble from them. They didn't even bleed at all or pus very much. I feel like a success. Plus mission was accomplished. Post-breakup rebellion, and now I jus t feel like a hottie! Turns out my nipple bravery actually convinced my friend to finally go get his done too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Brenda
Studio: Cynical+Tattoos
Location: Tuscaloosa%2C+AL

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