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My diagonal nipple piercings and aftercare

So, I'd decided I'd wanted my nipple's pierced. I had liked the look of nipple piercings for a while but was always way too scared to actually go ahead and do it (I only had my lobes pierced, and i was about 6 when i had those done!), but about 3 months ago I was in town with the boyfriend and decided that today was the day. The look on his face when I turned to him in River Island and told him I wanted to go get my nipple's pierced was priceless!

We walked to where I knew Needleworks was, as I'd heard good things about them and wanted to go somewhere I knew was clean and safe!! only to find they wasn't there anymore. Disappointed, yes, however still determined to get my piercings done on that day! So, I went in a little strop for a few minutes, and my fella kept mentioning that we should go to a little shop called Metal Morphosis in Selfridges inside the Bullring. At first I wasn't too sure, I'd walked past it a few times before, it looked like a little stall, and I questioned their hygiene. But, my boyfriend was adamant that he knew lots of people who had been pierced there, that the people were friendly and they were very clean. Deep down I couldn't help but believe him, I know he loves me lots and lots :) and wouldn't risk me getting hurt or infected.

After about half an hour of walking around and a trip to MacDonald's, I decided I would go see if I liked the look of the place and the people in Metal Morphosis. It was a huge thing for me, I was petrified, and if the people were uninviting and looked mean, I would have walked away straight away!! Luckily, as I walked over, I saw a lovely looking red-headed girl talking to someone at the counter. So, I had a quick look around then I waited, feeling totally embarrassed that there was people around me that were bound to here what I was about to say. The girl came over and asked if I was okay, to which I think I replied "yeh thanks, I wanna get my nipples pierced today, please". I felt hugely embarrassed, but relieved I'd actually said it, as for a moment I really thought I would just walk away! She said that would be fine, and asked if I wanted both or just one done, I wanted both, and she asked me if I could come back in 10 minutes as Dee, the piercer, was on her break, I was fine with it, so we had a little browse around Selfridges.

Those 10 minutes seemed like forever, I kept asking my fella how long it had been, it seemed never long enough!! I really just wanted it over with at this point. Eventually, we walked back, and the girl at the counter handed me a clipboard with a consent form on for me to fill in, and I did so in a few minutes, and then I paid. seemed rather expensive, but I'd rather it be a little expensive than suspiciously cheap. Then I sat down and watched a man getting tattooed for about 5 minutes while the piercer was in the room preparing everything. She called me in, and I was surprised at how nice and inviting she was, my embarrassment totally disappeared. I would never usually get my boobs out in front of someone I had just met, but for some reason this felt totally natural. Dee made me feel very comfortable and we had a little chat about things before she pierced me, about the placement and pain etc, usual stuff I guess. She looked quite surprised when I told her that I wanted them diagonally pointing towards my belly button, I figured she had never done them like this before, but she said it would be no problem, cleaned the area with little wipes and marked me up with a pen. I had a look in the mirror and they looked perfect to me, but asked my boyfriend for a second opinion too and he said they looked cool, although I think the fact that my boobs were hanging out was distracting him a little!

Now for the big part, the actual piercing. I was absolutely petrified at this point, and I must have told the peircer and my boyfriend this about 20 times!! But I was not about to back out. Dee asked me to jump up on the bed (which looked like a hospital bed, with paper covering the whole bed), lay down and breath deeply. I could see her taking the clamp out of it's packet as I was lying down. She came over, asked me to relax and breath deeply, and put the clamp around my nipple. She fiddled around for a little while getting the placement right, and I was surprised that this didn't hurt at all, as I'd heard this part was also painful! It was cold and uncomfortable though. Now I was very, very scared. She had the needles close to her, but I couldn't look at them!! I'd caught a glimpse of them before and they looked huge! So, I stared at the ceiling, and did as she said. She asked me to breath in and out and told me that when I breath out I will feel the needle, and she once ag ain reminded me to stay relaxed. I breath in, I breath out ooooouuuuchhhh!! Im not going to lie, it hurt, a lot, but surprisingly less than I had expected. I didn't scream, I just said "ouch". I was expecting to scream!! That was my left nipple pierced. I looked down, and liked what i saw, but was in too much pain still to be overly excited! Looked over at my fella, who gave me a wink, and smiled at me sympathetically in a "i'm so glad thats not me" way. Then Dee asked me to get up when I was ready and turn around on the bed so that she could get number 2 done. I felt perfectly okay apart from soreness (to be expected!) so I got up straight away and turned around. Now I was feeling quite confident that I could deal with this pain and it was not as bad as I thought. She clamped up my nipple, and asked me to repeat what I had done before. I relaxed my body, then breathed in, and out. OUCH! This time I actually screamed a little. It was a lot more painful than the first one. My boyfriend looked scared for me. Bless him! Dee smiled at me and told me that her nipple's were the same, the second one hurt much more. This made me laugh a little, not sure why, maybe because I was still in pain! I sat up and waited for the stinging to die down a little, and looked in the mirror at my new piercings. They were perfect! Dee put a dressing on for me, and i popped my clothes back on. We had a chat about aftercare, and she gave me a leaflet and shown me where all the relevant bits for me where.

I left very happy with my new piercings, and very glad I'd gone ahead with it. The next few hours were quite sore, and i had to be careful i didn't rub my boob with my arm or let anyone walk into me! I was surprised the next day to find no blood, I was expecting some! the day after that though, there was a little blood but nothing to worry about and I had no more after that. A month later I went back for my free check up, and was told they were healing perfectly and that she loved the was they looked, which was satisfactory to say the least! I'm going to write my aftercare procedures here, as my nipples healed fantastically and I've never had a problem with them, and if I can help one person it's good, right? By the way... Metal Morphosis = Highly Recommended!

My Aftercare:

(solution= 1/4 teaspoon sea salt into a cup of boiled water, leave to cool for a bit!!!)

-For the first 3 weeks I soaked them using two thoroughly cleaned egg cups filled with the solution and held over nipples, for 20-30 minutes twice a day.

-Then i soaked them for the next 2 weeks for 15 minutes, twice a day, the same way.

-For the next month I soaked them the same as before, for 15 minutes in the morning and then cleaned them with the solution and cotton buds on the night to remove any residue and dirt.

-For the last four weeks I have been cleaning them with cotton buds and the solution twice a day (morning and night), and I plan to clean them just every night from now on, as i shower in the morning, and in a few more weeks, I will cut out the solution altogether :)

(before soaking my piercings with the egg cups I always cleaned off any residue with cotton wool soaked in the solution first, and dried them thoroughly with clean cotton wool after soaking.)

I recommend this aftercare to EVERYONE!!

Plus, I always made sure I washed my hands and used alcohol rub on them before going anywhere near my piercings. You want to clean them, not get little bacteria and all sorts off your hands onto them! I didn't touch them other than to clean them for the first 2 months, and my boyfriends mouth and hands stayed far far away from them for 2 months also!! He wasn't happy about this, obviously, but he agrees with me, it was worth it!!

By the way, mine are much more sensitive since I had them pierced!! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dee
Studio: Metal+Morphosis%2C+inside+selfridges+%3A%29
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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