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Made Me Feel Sexy Without Too Much Pain

My nipple ring journey begins ...

So I decided (after seeing a movie with a girl with nipples rings) that I needed either a new piercing or tattoo. Since the only tattoo artist I trust is down in Florida, I decided that I needed a piercing. I liked how the nipple rings look and pretty much got my heart set on those.

I asked my boyfriend what he thought, and he laughed saying he'd like them. For the next three weeks or so, it was all I could talk about. I did extensive research on the process, the risks, the benefits, costs and everything. I knew that they would make me feel sexy, especially since I'm a little bigger of a person.

I talked to my sister-in-law (also my best friend) about getting them done and she tried to convince me to get my tongue done with her instead. I flirted with the idea of that, but didn't get it done. She got hers done and when I saw what she had to go through, there was no way I could get mine done. PLUS, my boyfriend really didn't want me to have my tongue done since his family is pretty conservative, and so is where he works. (Wouldn't look very good for him at the Christmas party)

I had to pretty much force him into agreeing that since I didn't get my tongue done that it should be ok for me to get my nipples done. He agreed, but I was still nervous.

I researched all the local shops up here and found the one that had the best reviews, the cleanest process and the nicest staff on the phone. I watched videos of people getting theirs done, read stories on BMEzine.com and even sat in a chair pinching my nipples really hard to try to anticipate the pain.

I finally made my appointment. I made it a week before hand, so the time that elapsed between was super nerve-wracking.

Driving down to the shop that Friday, I wasn't even that nervous. My boyfriend was there with me and I think talking to him kept me semi-calm.

When I got to the shop, no one was at the front desk and I had to wait for Rebecca to come out from another piercing. She finished ringing the other lady up and I told her I was there to get my nipples done. She had me fill out paperwork, including a pretty extensive medical history, show her 2 forms of ID and sign my life away.

Then she told me she'd be right back because she had to get everything set up. At this point I had a little pep talk with my boyfriend. Since he disapproved of the whole thing, he asked if it'd be ok if he didn't come into the room with me. I said sure but asked if I could come get him if I needed and he said of course.

Finally (after what seemed like years) Rebecca came out to get me. She said whenever I was ready I could take off my shirt and bra. I had kind of hoped I could just pull my shirt down so I didn't have to be completely naked, but at that point I figured "What the hell..."

She wiped some alcohol on each of them to clean them (really cold and made my nipples instantly hard). Then she marked both of them with a felt pen to see where she was going to pierce. She had me look in the mirror to make sure I liked the positioning. I didn't know any better so I said "sure, looks great." Then she had my lay down. She put some betadine on to clean a little more then applied the clamp. She told me to take a few deep breaths.

When she pierced it, it was the most INTENSE pain I'd ever felt. My whole body got really hot and I think I blurted out a few swear words. Putting the jewelry through hurt a little too, more like a small pinch though compared to the actual piercing.

She gave me a few minutes to breath then repeated with the right side. It hurt TEN TIMES WORSE than the first one, which she said is normal because the adrenaline has worn off and my body is expecting that pain. She put the jewelry through and I was all done.

She gave me very good after care instructions and sent me on my way. I had to put my seat belt behind my back in the car and ended up asking my boyfriend to drive because it hurt too badly.

After 2-3 days the pain went away and they looked great. Even my stubborn boyfriend had fallen in love with them. About 2 weeks after I got them done, I had a problem with one because the barbell was too short. The ball kept getting stuck inside my nipple and actually made the whole bigger. I went back and just got a longer barbell put in and the things have healed GREAT!

They are absolutely amazing when my boyfriend plays with them and make me feel very sexy and hott.

My nipples stayed constantly hard for about a week but now they are back to normal ... If you are looking for something to make you feel sexy and feel really good when they are played with, get nipple rings. They are relatively painless and the benefit definitely outweighs the risks and pain!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Rebecca
Studio: Lark+Vegas
Location: Albany%2C+New+York

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