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Finally Got My Nipples Done!!

Well, it's been around 24 hours since I got both my nipples pierced. And I am definitely sore.

I've wanted to get my nipples pierced for some time now, around about a year. I've been getting random ear piercings since I was sixteen, including a daith, conch, rook, and some cartilage, and I have my belly button and tongue frenulum pierced as well. As I became more and more addicted to getting those cute little holes in my body, the sooner and sooner I'd get my next addition. I've always liked guys with nipple rings or bars... But I didn't really take into consideration getting them myself until around a year ago when I turned 18.

I looked at BME's pictures... I put it off and figured I'd never do it. My boyfriend at the time thought they were gross, and I thought people would think I was skanky (?). Who knows why. But after we broke up I thought about it. Then I got distracted, and ran out of money for random spending because I was moving into college. Once I moved in, I still frequented BME (and still do every day) and showed my roommate random piercings I liked and if she could imagine me with them. Then I remembered the nipple bars!! She thought I was crazy. I still wanted more ear piercings and I wasn't sure yet.

I met a friend who showed me to a reputable and really clean place since I was new to Philadelphia and had no idea where to go for my next fix. I went to the place next chance I got to check it out and I really liked it, even got my conch done that day. After I had that done I thought I would be alright for a while and do what I normally do after a piercing – take care of it like my baby, heal it, then get a new baby to take care of in a few months once it was completely healed. But not even a day later I was back on BME saying oh my God... I want my nipples done so bad.

Monday after my conch piercing, we're going to center city for some shopping and my roommate says, "Well you're getting your nipples done too right?" I was honestly scared. I read so many stories about how this piercing was the worst pain of some people's lives. I wasn't sure but then I just said to myself well... fuck it. And we went. I love her for telling me to do it.

So we shopped and then made our way to South and South Fourth. The butterflies were getting to me. I had a Starbucks to settle my stomach – bad idea – but not important. I normally was never nervous for piercings because honestly I enjoy the process. I like the pain. But something about getting 12 gauge holes in your nipples is a little... unnerving. And the stories I've read about the pain...

We walked in, the cute front girl recognized me from my previous week's piercings and we made small talk as I admired their amazing collection of larger gauge earrings... They made me wish I still had my gauges... But anyway. She asked what I was there for and I smiled and giggled a little and said my nipples.

She got all excited and said "Yeah, the nips!" My roommate Bridget and I started laughing and I just looked at her and said "Whaaaat am I getting myself into??"

After waiting for the bars to be cleaned and Julie to get set up, Bridget and I went into the room. Bridget wanted to be there to see what it was like, maybe for her to get them but I'm thinking a lot more for curiosity and to be a part of my process, haha. Love her. I took off my shirt and bra, Julie marked me up and I checked it out. I looked in the mirror and I loved it. Horizontal and perfectly aligned.

Julie had me take some long deep breaths because I told her I was a tad nervous. I was slightly reclined and trying to relax. She had me breathe in and count to five, then slowly exhale. I did that a few times while she was lining up, then she said "Okay, breathe in same as before and make sure you exhale, but slowly." I did what she said. I waited for horrid excruciating intolerable pain. It went in. It was over. Honestly???? It was FAR from the worst pain of my life. The most painful part of the experience was her putting the jewelry in, but that's just a discomfort thing with a small amount of pain just since it's a dull object being shoved into a raw fresh wound. She quickly moved to the next nipple, I was still holding Bridget's hand. I squeezed it and her heart was beating just as fast as mine! The needle went through, I breathed out, she put in the jewelry, and I looked down. I finally allowed Bridget to look at my boobs for the first time since we were in the room.

"Oh my God!!" I yelled... I LOVED THEM. They were so perfect and cute. I couldn't stop looking down. That was definitely not bad. We joked around and talked about the kind of people that get nipple piercings, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. So happy. Put on my clothes, got my aftercare talking-to, bought some sea salt and headed for the subway. I was in shock I did it and so was Bridget... But I was so amazingly happy!

THEN the pain started setting in. Walking was making them feel very sore and they almost stung in a weird way. All I wanted to do was take off my shirt. We finally made it to the dorm, I ripped off my shirt and admired my new babies. I stayed topless the rest of the night because of the pain. I took a Motrin and laid down and took a warm shower and cleaned them and slept in a sports bra.

Now when I say there was pain, it was definitely tolerable... but a lot more extreme than any other piercing pain I've experienced. There was some shooting pain to the lower part of my boob like Julie told me, which was really weird, but not too bad. It was mostly just like the pain of the rest of my nipple getting hard or soft and moving along the bar. Very uncomfortable.

It's my second day now and I did NOT want to put on a bra. I'm feeling alright, contemplating just staying topless the rest of the night again just because I'm so used to it now haha, plus it's a lot more comfortable. But there's virtually no pain right now, just when I have to adjust my bra or something like that. I love my nipple bars so much and I'd do it all over again if I had to, they make me so happy and they're so adorable. I recommend getting them done – don't put it off! You'll love them and your boobs a lot more.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Julie
Studio: Infinite+Body+Piercing
Location: Philadelphia

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